ISSA Official Statement

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Official Statement

We are currently being inundated with concerns regarding the team’s current performance on the pitch, with relegation from the Football League becoming a real possibility. The consequences of falling out of the Football League would be devastating and far-reaching. We have also received many concerns regarding the silence from Trivela in these worrying times.

We are being asked by fans what ISSA are doing. As the largest supporters group associated with Walsall Football Club, we understand that fans will look to us for answers. At this point it is only right we lay out exactly where we stand.

In March of this year, the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association (ISSA) requested a meeting with Trivela. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce ourselves as a group. To show the work we had done and our plans for the future, including our work in the local community, which we believed was something that Trivela were very interested in. The meeting was declined, stating that the Club would communicate with supporters directly and that it would be inefficient to open up any other channels.

More recently we requested a meeting with the supporters liaison Officer to discuss some serious issues. This was declined stating that the club didn’t want him to meet with us.

We have many questions from Walsall supporters to ask the board on many issues. However, with there no longer being working party meetings, and our communication with the Club being cut off, it has been made impossible for us to ask these questions. Our intention has always been to have a good working relationship with Walsall Football Club as demonstrated many times by our support for the Club.


All I want is for Trivella to request a meeting with Sadler and then show the failed PE teacher the door


It’s beginning to look like the Bonser era all over again as far as club/fan communication/relationship is concerned. Maybe the next time we are given an opportunity to question Trivela at a public meeting we will drop the niceties and ask them some real searching questions and refuse to take anything except a full and honest answer.

Yeah. Those pesky traffic lights are still a pain.