Jack Cartwright. Vine pub

Many of the older lads on here may remember jack from his time as landlord of the vine pub

Learnt today that he has sadly passed away,
A fantastic guy who used to let us get away with blue murder when he ran. The vine, which was a. Real staunch wfc pub back in the day, and I’m sure there’s many on here who. Used to use it

RIP jack.


I knew Jack well and also his family as we lived close by in the Caldmore area.
The first snooker team i played in for Walsall labour Club when a nipper in 1969/70 had Jack in the team and i have never forgot how nice he was even though i had taken his place in the team.
Was a brickie by trade and had done nothing else all his life until he took on the Vine.
Used to open at about 7.00am on a Saturday when Walsall were away and the absolute state of most of them god knows how they got to the match :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
Nice easy going, very likeable bloke was Jack.
I must have seen you in the Vine Dh as i used to be in the bar all the time, played in the pool team, and also worked behind the bar for a while.
RIP Jack.


Yes mate our paths would of surely crossed at some time, I used to go in with the likes of Johnny dyos
Ronnie Lunt, growler, and the beechdale lads
Had some great times in there,
That guy Kym who used to do the disco in back room
Was a quivering wreck most Friday and sat nights,

I to also used to play snooker in the old labour club,
Hustling the older guys lol, then went on to play for.
The hatherton liberal club. , then Bentley moor club and finished up playing for. Birchills club,


I was bought up in the Labour club watching and learning from the best players in Walsall at the time bar none.
Ended up winning loads of things myself reaching a fair level and playing and matching a few who later went on to become pro`s.
Knew Ronnie Lunt and most of the Beechdale well and Kim the disco queen was a joy to watch when someone was smashing his gear to bits :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Hatherton, Birchills, Bentley Moor, there wasnt a decent snooker table in any of those dives.

Best table I played on in those days was the one in the north Walsall club, one. infront of you as you entered the snooker room, ,

Had some good tables in North Walsall but the one i loved to play on was the one by the bar which was known as Horace`s table (and i know you know who i mean by Horace) which was the only one he would play on and looked after it like it was his baby.
It was a bit lower than usual but ran fast and true and was a delight to me to play on.

Some player was Horace spent hours teaching me, in return I used to iron that table you speak of ,
Did you ever play on the one they had upstairs in the Athenian club,

In all the years i played in the leagues in Walsall i never once played there Dh.

I used to play snooker at the Hatherton Liberal club - tables were ropey, white ball was like a golf ball with all the nicks in it. I also played at the Bloxwich Memorial with my dad - happy times. Unfortunately my dad died in 2014 but his ashes are buried near the goal line at the Floors to goo end - so he still attends every home game!