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Jack Fitzwater?


We’re watching the grass grow…


I wouldn’t be too sure about Fitzwater…


If he’s not coming back I can’t say I’m too bothered. He’s been poor this season.


If he doesn’t come back (and I’ve seen no evidence to suggest he wont), then it’s not the player I’d be concerned with, it’s our transfer dealings.


Why’s that? Nobody was disappointing when he was announced at the start of the season after last years performances?


Will be interesting to see if he’s in the squad tomorrow.


Because if we’re at the stage where WBA are basically taking the ■■■■ out of us it suggests we have no leverage and are basically begging for players and making little or no contribution. In all honesty, I did find the recall-then-return very fishy.

You’ve heard the story about how we signed Shaibu right? We begged Brentford for anything they could give us. We had no idea about Shaibu, had never watched him, he was just what Brentford deigned to give us


He’s their player. What are we meant to do? Lock him in a cupboard and refuse to release him? You are right we don’t have any leverage. That’s how virtually every loan from a bigger club works, unfortunately.

No I haven’t. What was the source of the story?


If it was me, I’d just walk away from him and them.


Regarding Fitz, his loan came to an end, and the story on the WFC website says it’s been extended. If that doesn’t happen, then like I say, we’re clearly begging for players and WBA are happy to let people skip the queue and renege on agreements. Lets just wait and see.

Source regarding Shaibu is private but a solid one. We wanted someone else (can’t remember who), they refused, we begged, they sent Shaibu.


:joy::joy::joy: Because we were told one thing and WBA wouldn’t have lived up to their word? There’s literally nothing we can do other than take their word for it but that’s not just us, it’s virtually any loan deal!

Course it is. They always are :ok_hand:


The Brentford Shaibu story matches what I have heard.


To be honest, I’ve no reason to disbelieve you.

Phil on the other hand…


Ian Sharps Stream Masterclass


DK just confirmed on WM Fitzwater ain’t coming back.

So two CBs to add to the ever increasing shopping list!

I presume Johnson isn’t going to be recalled by Wolves otherwise that’s 3 needed.

All a bit of a mess that’s been created really.


As keates gone yet


Short termism. It’s the Walsall way