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Jack Fitzwater?


Is it me… or is it strange he hasn’t re-signed on loan this week? As in, on Monday morning?

Or did this happen and we can close this thread straight away.


Mentioned on another thread that he’s off on loan to Swansea.


Well that’s a ■■■■■■■ disgrace from the Albion isn’t it?

I get he’s not our player - but you don’t publically agree something then throw it up in the air.


Think that’s complete codswallop in all honesty


If true, it’s just Groundhog Day, isn’t it? James Wilson situation reimagined for 2019, which- if the word on Martin is accurate- yet again would leave us right back where we were the day Jim O’Connor was publicly emasculated, with Jon “Adequate for League Two” Guthrie the only fit, senior centre half on our books.

18 months on. Strewth.


To be honest, I thought it sounded like nonsense - but then I thought well why hasn’t he re-signed on loan then? Seems a bit strange to be at Thursday and nothing?


Are we just over-reacting here?

The club confirmed he would be re-signing in the statement about Kane Wilson

I wouldn’t expect them to make another announcement that he’d actually signed


Maybe… but it comes down to communication again doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s nonsense though. Who knows? Did Franksy actually say this? Or have I been done by the internets again?


Perhaps our finger on the pulse in house reporter Joe Masi will tell us, eventually :joy:


Christ you really are obsessed with him aren’t you? Swear you bring him up in every thread.


Your right, I must learn to keep my obsessions under control, I have a few you know, I’m doomed👍


Glad I can help you see the light.


We all need a guiding light in our life at some point, thank you. I’m sure there’s a club motto that says " out of darkness cometh light" :+1:


Never heard of it mate.


Give the club a break , the club are probably editing a video as week speak in preparation to reveal his loan extension…


They’re just finding some totally irrelevant trap beats to dub over it


I’ve heard that he’s playing a triangle at the end of a moody black-and-white Calvin Klein advert around the alleyways of the Banks’s. The sound of the triangle chimes as he winks and then his teeth do a sparkle effect in Microsoft Paint… #announceFitz




for every drop of rain that falls
a flower grows?

That’s one for the Soldier Soldier fans.


There aren’t any