Jack Nolan Signs

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A left footed winger!!

Just in time for tonight’s meeting…:smirk:


So a week ago, an article quoting Clarke as saying, he wouldn’t be looking for any sides under 23s…

‘The 18 year old…has been capped by England at Under-17s level and he has been a regular for Reading’s Under-23s this season.’

Is that OK, as he’s not on loan then?

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Not what we need right now. Sounds as though he will be no where near the first team for a while.

DC says“He fits into the project of a left footed wide player that we’ve been after. He is still a young lad and he’s going to need a bit of time to bed in. Would haved like some one older sounds like one for next year

Its good like but just not really what we wanted too push up the league, thats more a well lets build in prep for next season sooo

Theres the first question to fire at DC then tonight, telling little porkies.

Almost like mrs keen from the express and start knew he had to publish that story yesterday before it was rendered useless!

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Fee, undisclosed :eyes:. Some things don’t change.

Welcome Jack, can your sisters write a tune we can sing for you?


Your quote refers to players on loan. This lad is permanent and we have paid a fee. Lets hope he will turn into a really good long term prospect. Welcome Jack.


For the club to get a former England youth player to drop down to League 2 is great bit of business.

The kid has been captain for Reading youth team too.

Great pedigree that we could maybe move on for more money in years to come. Exactly what we should be looking at.



There is a giant difference between bringing in a loanee like we have done in recent January’s with wasters like Will Randall and Oteh, and bringing in a 18 year old on a permanent where we own him and will benefit from his continued development.


As said above that’ll take a bit of pressure off at the meeting I did wonder why we hadn’t signed anybody but now it looks like we have welcome aboard Jack now let’s get behind the kid and give him some time to find his feet let’s not slag him off before he’s even put his boots on.


To answer your question, yes.

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Looks a good prospect…would like to see us follow this signing up with a couple of more experienced pros who can come straight into the team . Welcome to Walsall fc jack .


Hes got a bit of speed to him aswell .

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Jack be nimble Jack be quick…


Hopefully turns out to be a good signing long term, not sure whether he’ll have any impact this season

One more experienced player in that position needed to give him and Wes competition in the future as they’re the only 2 natural wingers we have

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Hopefully he turns out to be decent, but it’s hard not to feel underwhelmed.