Jake Scrimshaw

I read in the paper that DC would like to extend Scrimshaw’s loan, the way he’s been contributing lately it’s a good move by the club providing Bournemouth will agree on continuing to pay his wages.
Adan George has been sent back to Birmingham City. DC didn’t think he was quite ready to mix it with the big boys yet.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and very best wishes for 2021.
With the vaccines being implemented there’s Hope, something we didn’t see much of this year.



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Aren’t they paying his salary too?

Bournemouth are indeed paying his wages, I think it’s important we keep the lad.

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I hope we keep him. He could be a boster.


Would expect he is on maybe £500’a week max . Well worth it in my opinion to keep our terrier . Even if we all had to chip in for his wages.

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Gorra work Saturdays and some nights for £500 ?
I’d tell Bornmuff to stick it…

Thought he may have been a bit Makris

But those goals may open the floodgates

Unfortunately however, his name wasn’t drawn out of the hat today, hard luck son!

He’lll be on a lot more than that. I’d imagine he’ll be earning in the region of £1,000-1,500k per week.

Surely we can Chuck in a couple of hundred quid towards it if need be,are we that bad off that we can’t do that? If not how’s them stocks and shares or whatever you deal with doing @Belphegor I’m sure you’ve got a few hundred quid lying around for your beloved club? :wink:

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Busy time at the minute Scooby. As far as charitable donations go, I tend to focus on our four legged friends.

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We have one thing in common after all!!
Regret that apart from medical donations occasionally, most of my accumulated wealth also goes towards animals in general.
The management should go all out to retain Scrimaldo, with proper coaching the future may be bright for this young lad.


Good on ya!

I’m the same, animal charities every time.

My cats need more food.

PM me for details on how to donate to the Exile Charitable Trust

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I always thought you were a fat cat?

Love the way you avoided the swear filter there :rofl: :wink:


Dirty rotten cat.

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