James Collins - Luton

Good chance I am way behind here but I had no idea this lad was villa youth. He Still lives in Tamworth and travels to Luton everyday. Imagine that commute!

When Paul Merson went from Arsenal to Middlesborough …he drove there and back every day.

And boro paid Pauls brother £400 per week just to keep him company.


Probably employed to hold onto the bottle when he was turning corners.


More likely to drive as Merson would of been pissed every morning … :thinking: :wink:

Him and Gazza lived together up there. Played drinking games daily with red wine and sleeping tablets for money, with others. Last one awake took the cash.

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Jesus. I knew they were both mad as f**k but jesus.
Never knew that.

Think Boro also told him to get the train from Stevenage and they got him a driver to pick him up from Darlington station.

Mad the lengths clubs go to treat players sometimes. He left them for a year.

Pires also used to get driven to Villa training ground from North London for a couple of months, was way past his best.

Merson doubled his Arsenal money by dropping a division, and moving to boro .

It’s all on this podcast Paul Merson S01E03