James o connor

made captain — Kiddi Harriers

I wasn’t bothered when he left but letting Matt Preston go was a dereliction of duty by Whitney. God, how we could do with Preston now.

Loved Jimmy in the end. Was poor in his first season when he played mostly RB but more than made up for it in 15/16.

Thought he was also good in 16/17 and he could probably still do a job in league one despite dropping down a fair bit.

When you think over last three seasons the defenders who’ve played in the back 4…Demetriou, McCarthy, Downing, JOC, Wilson, Laird, Henry, Andy Taylor…it does show the massive slump in quality when you look at the regular back 4 now.

Guthrie is o.k but he wouldn’t be starting over any of those CBs above imo.

Matt Preston is a league two standard defender

Woop De Doo?

JOC should have stayed.

Just because JOC went to Kiddi doesn’t mean he couldn’t do a job at this level. He’s reliable and solid.

Matt Preston though, not so sure. He’s an okay player but I wouldn’t say he was better than Wilson or Fitzwater.

Can’t belive he’s still being brought up to be honest. Some seem to have a weird obsession with him and his meme, particularly on Twitter

Yeah I don’t get bringing him up all the time. That was Jon whitneys decision (the wrong one) and has ■■■■ all to do with this current management. Some people need to change the record.

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What’s all the fuss O’Connor was a decent player nothing special end ov