January transfer review

Our January review is here.

We look at the business done in transfer window, players both in and out, as well as contract extensions. We debate whether Trivela did indeed invest ‘significantly’ as they promised in December.

We also rate every player who has featured for us since relegation to League Two, building our best and worst 5-a-side teams

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Few in a few out but its not significant investment for me i like signing players for the future like Jellis and Weir that’s a nice change its not pushing the boat out to try and go up this season though.


I think compared to previous seasons we have done well

However Trivela need to try and avoid the promise making like the ‘significant investment’, because then we have a clear comment to hold them accountable to


A really good listen that I took two points from.
Firstly I was happy (ish) with January but personally I never expected us to go out and spend much dosh. It’s a learning process for the owners and they definitely need to understand that if you lead people to believe that you are going to splash the cash and don’t then that’s going to leave supporters feeling let down.
The second thing for me was how much dross (players) we’ve had.
Well done on yet another great podcast :+1:

Your last comment is odd. For January they made some good investments…the real test will come in the Summer in my view. To turn us into a promotion team we will need at least 2 quality forwards. Hopefully on permanent deals. They will require “significant investment”!

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Apologies, it was ‘meaningful’ not significant.

This was the quote from December from them: ‘We at Trivela are preparing to step up to invest capital into the football club to strengthen in January in a meaningful way’

I think they have made some good investments, but when you say a comment like above people expect something different. Maybe it’s just a fallout from a few years of these sorts of comments from owners


Yeah I agree that leading people is the issue. Like I said in the pod, I think we have had a good month, especially tying Gordon down, but there were expectations from Trivela when they said about January

I felt a little better about our current squad when going back through some previous players

Good investments yeah i agree significant ones? not for me they aint.

I think the trouble is, when investment is mentioned people automatically think of the forward line or creative side to the team, especially given that we lost Draper. I think to replace him with someone of equal quality would have taken something more than “meaningful”

As with any signing at this level, and especially in January, there’s always an element of risk but you can see that this year there has been some real thought behind our dealings rather than the scatter gun approach of previous years. Even if the moves for Faal and Gordon aren’t a success, there’s no denying that there’s a methodical approach now taking place

There’s also a chance that Sadler, Jordan and whoever else have looked at it and thought that they didn’t want to spend whatever budget they were given. With players coming back from injury and the likes of Earing performing above expectation, it could well have deterred them, especially given the December we had

Could it be that the investment is significant in that, as part of the loan deals, we’re paying a big chunk of the wages for these two?

Agreed. For a January window I think the investment was significant .

Certainly shows ambition. One who’s a highly rated youngster from a Championship team, already doing well in this division. And the other a player with a good record at this level from a team in the division above. Hopefully it works better than last seasons pair in January.

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I suppose the other thing is that we don’t know what our commitment to wages on Gordon and Faal are compared to Draper and Griffiths

Hopefully we will actually have a game soon to judge the January window properly :joy:


Another great listen, loving listening on my way to and from work. As much as I loved Monthe, and on his day he was a monster, I really struggle to see how he got a 9 :joy:


Monthe Daniels and the Priest would be some back 3 shame he didn’t stay

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And a left footed cb in a Back 3 should never be overlooked

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Maybe the fear he was listening kicked in. I would not get close to winning that fight

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