Joe Edwards

Deadline for him to sign a new contract passed on the 10th June - is he on his way? :neutral_face:

Unless our contract offer his derisory (which it could be) I don’t understand why he would go. Very much loved, key part of the team and not many will take a gamble on his injury.

Pretty sure he is/was still on holiday up until the other day. Someone on Facebook said he’s off to Birmingham :thinking:

Disappointing :disappointed:

Hadn’t heard the Blues link. Amazing how many teams are interested in our players considering our poor season.


Good player, don’t think he’s championship standard though.

It was a bad injury so surely he’ll continue his rehab here regardless of contract?

I think we need a bit if realism here , there’s a possibility he may never recover to last seasons standards after the injury he sustained (its a bad one).

So I cant for the life of me see another club offering a lucrative deal to a player with such an injury?? …


He’s going to be out for half of next season and may never be the same player after his injury. It would be a big gamble to sign him. If Blues want him then he can go there for treatment and not clog up our meagre resources.


Any guesses what’s happening here?

Weighing up his options would be mine?

Shouldn’t matter at this point, he was given a deadline and doesn’t seem to have signed. If the rumours about Nathan Cameron are true perhaps he’ll be a replacement for JE?

Cameron’s a defender so I doubt it. I still think he’ll sign to be honest, or has agreed to sign but it’ll officially go through when they return to training (isn’t that soon?).

Ah, I thought he was a midfielder! I hope you’re right, would like to see Edwards and Dobson form a partnership in the middle.

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Isn’t he out until November?

Would imagine he’s been using the clubs facilities all summer for rehab so think he’ll sign on again.

No real rush.

The rush will happen at the end of June when his contract expires and he stops getting paid.


One year with an option for a further year. Sounds good to me.

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Very happy with that, I know it’s a cliche but he will be like a new signing when he returns - and a good one at that considering the quality he has! (thats if he can return to the form he was on).

Good news.

One observation: none of the communications appear to specify in who’s favour (player or club) the one year option is.

Badeeea super Joey Edwards!

Joe Masi believes it is in the clubs favour, just like Zeli’s.