Joe Foulkes

He did really well against Kiddy. Good luck to him.

That’s a really good move for Joe. Hope he helps get Kidder back to where they belong.

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Watched him last night at Kidderminster Harriers. He played 45 mins at right back.

Played ok until he was partly responsible for the first Man Utd U23s goal, although he was overloaded so not much he could do. Made some good tackles and interceptions though, looks a decent prospect.


Out on a season-long loan to Kidderminster again. Seems like we picked up his contract in order to look at him in pre-season and make a decision on his future, which appears to be elsewhere.

Would have thought he would have pushed 1st team this season

Not sure he’ll ever make it here in the end.It’s a shame because I seem to remember when called upon in the league once or twice he played better than some main stayers.

In the pre season game at Kiddy last pre season he was very good , if MF believes we currently have better that’s hopefully a good thing.

Looks like that’s all, Foulkes.


He’s never made a league appearance for us has he?

I thought he was called upon once or twice away at Tranmere maybe? Or was that Leak? It might have been Leak mate to be honest.Who gives a Foulkes anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Something tells me it was a mistake letting Leak go, another club is going to get good mileage out of him.

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All the best to him