Jon Whitney

Just read in Hartlepool Mail that Jon Whitney is working with Craig Hignett at Hartlepool bringing their medical and sports science departments up to speed.


How we could do with him back in that capacity. I’m sure he’ll do an excellent job and it would be great to see Hartlepool on the rise

Why? He was a failure.

Good on him. Hope he does well there. It’s what he is (very) good at and I hope it’s what he sticks at.


Couldn’t agree more. Wish him every success.


By the end of the Whitney reign I despised the bloke. With time though I’ve calmed down and wish him well. He’s a proud guy who was hung out to dry by the board. He made mistakes but it only went on so long because the board were too cowardly to rectify their initial error in giving him the job and long contract.

As a physio we all know he’s top notch.


I wish it could be played differently. You want to manage? Fine, two conditions. First, find replacement (as physio and performance coach) and second, remember you will always be welcomed here. Not as manager probably, but as a physio always. But if you want to try somewhere else, we don’t see it as a problem. When you fail, you can always return. When you succeed, always remember at WFC you made first steps. If it brings later some loans, or players, or something else, it’s even better. That’s no-lose situation.

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Yep. Beats being absolutely rinsed by the club, which is what’s happening.