Josh March

It’s a funny old game.

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It wasn’t such a funny old game when he knocked us out the FA cup with a last minute winner from 3ft out.


Will he get a work permit?


Why wouldnt he?

Hes been all over the midlands… Kiddy. Leamington. Telford…

Sure he first started with tividale

Lets hope so, would sweden the deal if he had one already.

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No way!

According to soccerbase he’s scored 16 goals in 1 appearance get him in!


One thing you don’t need in this league is pace. Plenty of old plodders knocking about, its about where you put yourself off the ball.

Lets see what he can do.

Let’s see if we sign him first I’m guessing it’s gonna be a replacement for the goalless beast that is Gaffney I’d say Dean Gaffney is more of a threat in front of goal anyway that’s my guess so he ain’t gonna be on 2K a week reckon he’d sign for £500-£600 quid a week good move because he’s only gotta score 2 before the final day to be more prolific.

He is still on 2 year deal.

Who is March?

Ye …

Thank god for that thought you meant Gaffney :rofl: I was thinking my god another 2 years of him so we would have to pay compensation then?


I wouldn’t do that to ya mate :laughing:, but yes we would have to buy him out of his contract, my nephew has just spoken to him.


Care to elaborate??

My nephew is goalkeeping coach at Alvechurch, and that is who he was playing for before he went to Leamington, he hasn’t mentioned anything about coming to us, just the fact that he is still on a 2 year deal there.

Ah ok I thought we had some juicy goss then :rofl: I don’t really know a lot about him but sounds like he knows where the net is how much they on at leamington chunk on average?


I would say no more than about £200-£300 a week?

You ever been one of there games? Great little club

My pal played for them (Nial MAyher) (GK) and loved his brief spell there, SAme as kiddy tbf another great little local club

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