Keates appointed Wrexham manager

Delighted for him. Good luck Dean.

I hope he succeeds…good luck Dean

I genuinely hope he succeeds

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All the best deano. Will always be a legend of a player for walsall fc.


I hope he does well and revives his managerial career. He wasn’t up to the job with us but that wasn’t due to a lack of effort on his part.


He’ll have learnt from it, I hope. I imagine anyone rocking the boat will be shipped out PDQ,whatever their ability.

Lots of luck, because, generally speaking, it helps at managerial duties. A lot could be said :wink:

All the best. Probably the wrong decision to come here, by both parties at the time.
He will surely have learnt from the experience and has now the chance to move forward at a club that he knows well and knows him.

Will definitely be following Wrexham’s fortunes with interest.

Does this mean we are no longer paying off any former managers??

Still paying Ladbrokes and Coral from when Merson was here, apart from that it’s looking good.


It was a desperate last ditch move by the dinosaur that was in charge to mask his shortcomings and protect his golden goose by rolling one of our legends out, qualified or not.

It had me fooled for a while - I am over the moon that Bonser’s desperation hasn’t ruined Keates managerial career. I’m sure he will pick up where he left off learning his trade.


Genuinely think he was only partly to blame for our struggles last season. He wasn’t the man we needed and it clearly wasn’t the job he was ready for.

Hope he finds his feet again at Wrexham. Always a legend.

But your happy to blame Clarke this season?

Keates was heavily backed compared to Clarke.

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Nope. I’ve said, repeatedly, that IF we fail this season then we won’t know where the blame lies until we see the figures at play, which won’t be until the end of the season. We don’t know to what level Clarke has been backed. We know Keates was given a mid table league 2 budget (if you trust what has been reported, and after watching those players I do).

Also note the word “partly”. He clearly made errors along the way and wasn’t ready for a situation like ours or the level. Don’t pretend I’ve completely absolved him of any blame.

I wish him well at Wrexham. I believe there were things he wanted to do here but Bonser controlled the budget and the power.
I thought he would be the manager as he was a player, that didn’t pan out very well.