Keates out ➡️ period

Even worse than SMITHOUT



Yes, he’s worse than Smith - you got that one right.

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He has to go!

Norman for Ismail. WTF!!!

Absolute gash. Gorra gew.

Hello Cully. Nice to know you are still alive!

I suppose you’ve been busy on the Brexit march :wink:

Indeed he is a lot worse than Smith, who has just won his 6th game on the bounce at the vile.


No reason how Dean can stay in post. But this needs to be the catalyst to the fans pushing once and for all to change the leadership of this club. Time to get Walsall back


Best player for us - Gordon . Takes him off .

Most likely to unlock a defence - Ismail . Takes him off . FOR NORMAN !!??!!!

He finally stumbled on a system that worked when Cook got sent off - using pace in a 4-5-1 .

Because we lost to those top 4teams he bottled it and reverted to a system that hasn’t worked for months .

So slow , so pedestrian. Where was the urgency ?

Only Dobson and Gordon. deserve to be paid .

And Liam Roberts , that was a diabolical performance .

We deserve to go down and sad to say Keates will go down as one of the worst managers in the clubs history.


Keates out. Has to be sacked tonight.


Got to go

Some other managers that have lost their jobs this season must be looking at Walsall with incredulity.

You know our so called board won’t do that, he MUST resign, let MOC put some passion back in our playing staff, put some effort into our last remaining games prior to the ignominy of relegation

Keates sacked WM. Bonser in long conversation with MOC beforehand-WM.

From twitter:

Cully wrong yet again - Keates sacked instead of Keats


His Word’s worth little.

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Nahhhhh Dean Keates isn’t worse than Dean Smith!!! :fist::sweat_drops: