We prospered in the late 90’s and early 00’s by adapting to the Bosman era and taking advantage of how football was changing, with a heavy focus on free transfers. But we’re refusing to adapt to the modern market and the simple reason is that we wont spend or speculate significantly.


Keep but…
Hugely disappointed in his nous and tactics and team selection and use of subs.
I am a fan of his desire to go forward but this was a time to build a stingy defence and difficult to beat.
The keeper should have been rested two months ago and someone solid brought in if Dunn is not up to it. Roberts is a kid but hasn’t stopped hardly anything aimed towards the goal.
Everyone (apart from DK) knew what the starting line up should be. He appears now scared to do it albeit having derided the players ability to defend as a team.


As an aside why is Ben Purkiss commentating on the Blues match today as number two?
Have I missed something?


It seems dead in the water and one of the best recent products has been frozen out


They won today


Ah thought it was 0-0, was that scoreline for ages.

Their last three games at Ricoh have been:

Cov 1-1 Wimbledon
Coventry 0-2 Blackpool
Cov 1-1 Gillingham.

So Ricoh isn’t some fortress away ground where it’s impossible to even pick up a point.

Huge pressue on DK over next 7 days.


I’d go one further than that, and say he hasn’t consciously made a good managerial appointment since Money. Bonser accidently stumble-farted onto Smith- he was already on the staff, and would’ve been cheap and cheerful.


He needs help and a different voice in the dressing room would help: Richard Money, Martin O’Connor, Ray Graydon, would all help if asked, surely? Dean needs to change something or nothing will change. His post match comments look like a man who doesn’t know how to turn it around. There almost looks like a sense of fear in his eyes which is something that I never saw in the names mentioned above. Get to the end of the season and then get Bonser to sell because the club are currently on a downward spiral…


Michael Flynn from Newport would a good choice


Don’t see why he’d leave his hometown club where he produces amazing cup runs and might eventually get promoted from league 2 to a struggling bottom half league 1 team.

When you have that sort of connection with a team/place it takes a special offer to make you leave and no guarentee it will be right decision.

See Paul Hurst and Nathan Jones who were performing miracles in league 1 and have found championship a major tougher place.


Let him take us out of the league, he has more experience there :wink:


Haven’t made up my mind yet, but 1 win in 10 is astonishing. That’s a single win in just under a quarter of the season.


Get rid , the club is crying out for some experience.

Keates is not the man unfortunately.


From the looks of the fans social media pages, Dean Smith will probably be available soon…


Its not just the defeats, there seems to be no plan, maybe if we had scored the pen, could have been different. We have now more players, unsure on how many back room staff, but have they any experience at this level, 2 league below players lead to two leagues below.
Deans interviews are not stirring, so unsure what his team talks are like.
Just do not see an outcome other than relegation, early bird will be out soon, loyal fans will support, its such a shame, Rent still needs to be paid, but you could chuck that at this and still go down. Doomed


It’s all becoming a little bit Merson-esque


I say,give him the job till the end of next season…even if we go down…There! I’ve said it…:slightly_smiling_face::wink:


Even worse, just 3 league wins since start of October!

Wycombe (h)

Coventry (h) which was freakish given two goals in 90th minute which obviously happens once every 5-10 years.

Gillingham (a)

If I can count right that’s 19 games so very nearly half a season.

What’s clear is things are very quickly approaching the untenable stage.


He has less tactical nous than Whitney. That’s a huge problem.


We get someone else in>>possibly stay up by the skin of our teeth>>transfer on the cheap pre season>>start okay, fall away badly>>loan a bunch of crocks and kids that don’t give a ■■■■ and end up in non-league after their stint with us>>manager sacked last few months of season…and so it continues.

There it is folks, the life of a Walsall fan under JB. I honestly do not believe it really matters what poor bastard is stood in that dugout atm.

My first post on here for god knows how long but there in funks post is our club in a nut shell . Depressing , yes but so so accurate.