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Still undecided - we’ll have played twice more this time next week - then I’ll have made my decision. But it isn’t looking good,


Time to go, sorry to say.


Yeah Tuesday is a total must win.

Trouble is Wimbledon might be bottom but they’re a physical team who no doubt will cause issues from set pieces so already you’re struggling to see clean sheet kept.

Then onto Coventry who are massively out of form and one of the few teams Walsall have actually beaten since early October…

Everyone knows how bad the form is and how close to the bottom 4 the team is. Can see DK being potted if he dosen’t get a win from the next two tbh.

Would give a new manager still over 10 games to pick up 4 wins and a few draws.


Keep even if we go down.

Sacking him won’t necessarily mean that we stay up anyway, and if we go down then the anger and frustration can be vented at the proper target.


He’s clueless. We let in at least 2 goals a game, he doesn’t seem to know which way to go and has signed most of these players.


It’s just so hard to accept his lack of nous in tactics etc given his undoubted successful defensive strategy at Wrexham…

Obviously I know it’s with different players but surely the fundamentals of management are based on getting the best out of what you’ve got - the obvious questions for us are, are these players that bad that he can’t manage them into improved performances or is he out of his depth


Can’t argue with the facts but he is still a rookie. Needs two/three years to prove himself and develop his managerial skills. We knew he was raw when he was appointed, an inexperienced manager from division 5.
I’m happy to support that as the alternative is most likely rinse and repeat. Totally understand others wanting him gone though.


We get someone else in>>possibly stay up by the skin of our teeth>>transfer on the cheap pre season>>start okay, fall away badly>>loan a bunch of crocks and kids that don’t give a ■■■■ and end up in non-league after their stint with us>>manager sacked last few months of season…and so it continues.

There it is folks, the life of a Walsall fan under JB. I honestly do not believe it really matters what poor bastard is stood in that dugout atm.


I know what you are saying and would love to see him get a few years of it looked liked he had a plan bit the more I see of him and hear him he just seems to be coasting aimlessly along worh no clue how to stop the rot


Unfortunately that’s probably spot on…

I do have one other point though (more club related than Keates specifically) - what the hell has happened to our youth policy???


Maybe appointing an assistant manager with decent league experience would help. Seems his team need a look at.


Totally agree , the real culprits should not be let off the hook
Years of not giving a toss about the playing side are coming home to roost big time. , and people may mock but I believe we are around fourteen months from loosing our leauge status

Yes his tactics and team selections have been baffling at times, but it must be remembered that , he can only sign players that his pittance of a budget dictates, And what he has managed to cobble together, just aren’t up to it, and are incapable of improvement in my oppinion

I also believe we are indeed seing our so called saviours exit strategy. Being put in place
And again fans fooled into believing he’s backed the manager, There has been no investment into side whatsoever. Compared to what he has had come into club via transfers and compensation packages

The real culprit in all this again seems to be getting away with it Scott free


That’s the problem smudger. If I could see where he was heading, if I could see what skills he was bringing to the club, if I could see a clear ethos for the club, I’d support him staying even if we went down, in order to rebuild. But, to be frank, he seems totally clueless as to what to do next and seems to think it’s everything to blame apart from his poor decision making, which is really the problem


Agree, we’re at risk of entering into the same cycle until we find another Nicholl/Graydon/Smith miracle worker. Changes need to be made way above Keates’ level to allow Keates (or whoever follows him) a fair chance.


I think another factor is player attitude and personality - players on the cheap aren’t always the worst in terms of quality and approach but they can quite easily be surplus to requirements at their incumbent club because their attitude and team ethic is crap and they don’t ‘fit’ what the manager wants…

Inexperienced managers are highly likely to struggle with these sorts of characters I guess?

Just a thought…


Totally agree


Defo. JB’s legacy has been saved by 3 miracle workers, but he hasn’t found one now since 2010 - has his luck ran out or has football moved on to a point where miracles can no longer be worked under such tight budget restrictions


Keep but I think he’s on borrowed time if we lose to Wimbledon


The latter