Yep. According to the initial announcement, Keates has a contract until the summer of 2021. I really can’t see Bonser wanting to be paying two ex-managers, whilst trying to attract another new one.


Whitney signed 3 year deal in 2016 so the paying off will conclude in next few months so club will probably look as one manager finally coming off the books and so they can afford to sack DK if there’s no wins in next two weeks.


We have quite a few of Keates’ staff that would need paying off too, though.


That’s complete supposition though. Bonsor has spent the best part of a year paying two managers, can you really see him doing that for the next two as well and one of them being of the quality to turn us around?


I’m pretty sure that when a manager is sacked the club sit down with them to agree a pay off… if for example a manager gets 2k a week and has 2 year left on his deal when he’s dismissed then if he worked it he’d get about 200k at the end however if they get the bullet I’m certain no club will continue paying them for another 2 years, if they did then they would put them on gardening leave to stop them getting another job in that time ???
I read this years ago and always thought this is what does happen when a manager is sacked, can anyone clarify if it’s any different ???


They announced at the fan focus meeting they are still paying Whitney up to the end of his contract. I don’t know if that’s the norm but that is what they claim.


I always presumed the manager continued to receive his salary (as per contract) unless a lump sum settlement could be negotiated. This will be for less than the overall contract but allows the manager to get back to work quickly. I’m sure there was a sacked Premiership manager in recent years (for Chelsea I think) that outright refused to even negotiate the settlement so they had to continue paying him.

I also assumed, just from logic really, that Whitney knew he wouldnt get a job managing another club so we’d continue to have to pay him his salary. I wasn’t suprised to hear at the Focus meeting that we’re still paying him.


I believe usually if they get another job in the period their last club is still paying them this cease’s payment from their previous club.


That’s how I see it too.


That was definely said when Chelsea sacked Robberto DiMatteo, he was offered plenty of jobs but wouldn’t take them as Chelsea where still him his weekly wage, if he took another job then it would cease.


I voted keep

Should have been an option for Keep with a new assistant as the one he’s got doesn’t impress me one iota.

We know DK is inexperienced managing @ L1 level managing inexperienced cheap signings many of which are loans and just there for a pay packet and it seems despite having an assistant he is taking all the flak

Vote @ the moment is as close as Brexit was and look at the mess we are in with that one !!


Candlin puzzles me. He’s a Walsall player, but might as well not be. Very strange. I do know however, that it was his dad (who is his agent) who pushed the move through to Blackburn. Then you’ve got Keates bringing in strikers during the window, which, if they do anything remotely decent in the 4 months they spend with us will be offski to another club. The irony.

As for the Kinsella situation, I find it hard to blame Keates, because it’s consistent with the club’s approach to negotiations for years now, long before Keates became involved. Matt Preston any one? JOC?

I do really wonder whether it’s more to do with our attitude towards agents (which has been strange for many years, although appears to have relaxed a little lately). Our baseline wages are so incredibly poor at Walsall it’s no wonder that as soon as a player breaks in to the first team, they, or their agent begin agitating for a new deal. Some players are down to earth and will see WFC as a good place to pick up a couple of years of experience, others will quickly want to move on for the short-term £££.

I therefore presume leaving players out all together is just a negotiating tactic used by the club against agents threatening to move a player on unless they get the desired wages/length of contract.


The club treats supporters with contempt. So it’s no surprise this is the same approach with our employees.

We are in terminal decline.

I’d have a guess that Keates is one of the lowest paid managers in the football league


He’ll do whatever it takes to avoid league 2 and sub 3k crowds, abolition of Cat A pricing and a real uprising against his ownership.


I’m not so sure. Still get his rent and save Salaries.


You’ve got more faith in him than I have mate.


Got to disagree mate


Last season he could’ve kept Whitney in charge until end of season and then sacked him would be my counter argument.

Edit: Whitney was sacked in early March when the team were on 44 points. No one with a straight face can say the team were certs to go down if he would’ve stayed in charge, only two more wins were needed to keep the team in the division and Whitney had won an away game 0-3 just 9 days before his dismissal.

If Bonser isn’t concerned about relegation why did he sack a manager two months before he really had to? That also shows the uphill task DK has to get to the points tally that was deemed unacceptable for JW to continue in the job.

It’s a cosy little arrangement being in league 1 and playing the 15 clubs with better budget card. Can’t do the same in league 2.


My contract is a permanent one where I work but if I get the sack because I do a rubbish job, they wouldn’t continue to pay me for one day more than I am there. Same should apply in football.


I think the counter arguments are a club wouldn’t attract very good managers because they know it’s a short term job and want a cushion. Wouldn’t surprise me if the LMA are involved in contract advice for this reason. Secondly what classes as a ‘rubbish job’ in football management and how would you write it into a contract somebody would sign?
Presumably your job is in perpetuity (unless you’re a contractor and breach the contract by, say, not building the house you said you would).