Excuse my ignorance but this isn’t Liam is it?

It is isn’t it ?

It’s Roberts… :thinking:

Compare and contrast …

yeah that’s him alright

It’s literally him

Fair enough. It must be the blue top that’s thrown me. :flushed::man_facepalming:t3:

I will try that tactic next time i am in trouble now i know it works :rofl: :+1: :wink:


I think to be fair to you his hair is grown out and he’s definitely filled out a little.

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Hope he hasn’t filled out to much … always been a little slow to get down to those low shots :joy:

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Its him looks like he has got the snap down him lately.

If that’s hair grown out in comparison to the second photo, he must have the slowest growing hair ever!! :rofl:

Haha ok grown out … for Robbo :joy: