Ken Hill

Sadly passed away according to a Walsall FB site. Anyone know more?

If that is correct I am very sorry to hear that. A Walsall lad who was a really good defender in our promotions of 1959/60 and 1960/61.One of my heroes. RIP Kenny and thanks .

walsall lad,always lived in area, I knew ken years ago as like myself he raced pigeons.
Was sold to Norwich in the 60s.
God bless you Ken. RIP

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Former pupil of North Walsall School - recruited by Ron Jukes - top quality player.

Great half back good club man. I went to Whitehall junior school with a lad who was his nephew so always felt he was a true saddler. He played with some of WFC best ever players RIP Ken.

ex army if I remember correctly.
Rip Ken.

Many an hour spent as a kid Sat in his garden listening. to his times as a Walsall player whilst he attended to his pigeons. Was a true gent .

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Did he live in Coalpool? beddows rd?
Yes just read it, as a gas engineer for Walsall council later WHG i worked at Kens house on a number of occasions, i always spent way more time there than the usual hour we were given to do the job, just talking about the saddlers, he was such a lovely guy, he appointed himself the street bin man, he would take everyone’s bins out and bring em back when emptied bless him, he lived amongst his family and was loved and respected by everyone in the area.
It was a pleasure to know him.
R.I.P Ken x

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I suppose most players of his era would have been ex-services, National Service didn’t end until about 1959 or 1960 I think. This might explain why he only played a handful of games before his 22nd birthday, if he was off in the army. Before my time so I’ve looked it up and he played just twice in the promotion team of 59-60, but 32 times in that of 60-61, including the night at Shrewsbury.

I’d be interested if anybody who was following us then knows if it was National Service that kept his appearances down, or was there just no opening for him in the team?

Anyhow, RIP Ken.

Ken also worked on the railways before joining Walsall, and my grandad, who was an engine driver worked with him at that time. Not sure exactly when it was but grandad retired in 1961, so I’m guessing mid-late 50s.

Way before my time but would be nice to see the club acknowledge this as a local lad playing for his local side, it’d be a lovely gesture. RIP Ken Hill.

Not sure about the National service time but Peter Billingham waa the established right half in 59/60 before being transferred to Albion along with Stan Jones in May 1960.

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Beddows road mate

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Ye i worked at his house mate loads of times :wink:

Ken was a little before my time.
Very sorry to hear about his passing. My sincere condolences to his family.

He was in the team when I started to watch in the early sixties. Good solid player and he seems to have had a good life. Thank you Ken Hill.