Kevin Wilson Inteview

Hi all,

We are delighted to announce we will be interviewing Kevin Wilson later this week.

If you have any questions for him, please drop them here, and we will ask him as many as we can.


Chris Nicholl replaced Kenny Hibbitt very early that season, Does Kevin think …

  1. Kenny deserved the boot that early in the season, we hadn’t started that badly
  2. Kenny would have got us up that season - or was it all down to the change in direction under Nicholl.

3rd Question - How influential was Paul Taylor around the Football Club in that era ? What was his day to day involvement ? Relevant question, we seem to lack someone with his skill set (recruitment) at this moment in time.


Q1. Kev, you played for clubs whose chairmen were reviled by sections of their fans: Ken Bates at Chelsea & Jeff Bonser at WFC. Who was the worst to work for? Did either have any redeeming characteristics?

Q2. You went from playing in the 1st division in 1992 to the 4th in 1994. How different was the standard & how did you personally adapt your style of play?

Q3. Your strike partnership with Kyle Lightbourne is the stuff of legend. How does Kyle rate in terms of your favourite strike partners throughout your career?


He played with a few good ones. I would imagine in no particular order he will name Bobby Davison (Derby), Kerry Dixon (Chelsea) and Kyle as his top three. I can’t remember who his regular partner was at Ipswich, Mitch Davray perhaps, or was Jason Dozzell playing up front back then?

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Loved him fantastic player for us was Kevin.


Question 1
“Kev do you fancy a job?” :smile:


Me too. Just an excellent professional who gave 100% for WFC.


who was the best player he played with and against?
who was the best & worst manager he played for?
favourite/worst stadium played in?
toughest team mate?
any clubs he almost joined?

Ada! :grin:

The timing of this article

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