Kins being punished?


But that’s my argument. If Kins hasn’t got a future at WFC, for whatever reason, then there were at least 4 of Saturdays 18 that haven’t either. Kins doesn’t seem the type to down tools and sulk like previous players who disputed/turned down contract offers. While he’s still a Saddler we might as well use him.


What’s the point in having Kinnsella from the age of 8 and a youth team if we can’t progress with these players and give them decent contract.


But isn’t that to the detriment of the club? if you have a good player you offer extended terms and if another team come in , like bonzo has done in the past. you cash in?


Don’t know. He’s been pushing for a run for years. Various managers didn’t for some reason. Now he as had a run, proven he can do it and then gets treated like this. None of the other home grown players, with the exception of Roberts, are anywhere near the first team.


Yes it is. It’s the ■■■■ way in which this club is run. Develop a good player. Refuse to pay them more. Lose them from the wage bill or cash in on them and hope the guy coming in is as good.

The wheel turns.


Fed-up with these prima donnas holding out for better deals. We’ve got enough cover to freeze him out for the rest of the season. After all, it’s a long time since his goal against Burton and his epic performance in the FA Cup at Brentford.


When’s Paul Richie coming back?


How dare he want to be paid what he’s worth!

Think you mean Sunderland. Which A wasn’t that long ago and B goal scoring prowess isn’t why he’s in the team.


I am completely shocked Kins isn’t in the squad!! He’s one of the only players that will roll his sleeves up and do the dirty jobs well instead of doing an Osbourne and stroll around the pitch, looking unfit and that his legs have gone!
Kins has got bags of energy, enthusiasm and drive to get better and as a long time supporter that all I want to see is a player giving 100% effort week in week out!!


From today’s Express & Star:

The Express & Star understands Kinsella, who is out of contract at the end of the campaign, remains eager to stay at the Banks’s Stadium.

But the Republic of Ireland under-21 international, who joined the Saddlers aged seven, is among a host of players whose deals expire in the summer and have yet to be offered a new deal.

So this thread is based on a load of rubbish. Why on earth do some people fall for the bait of believing rumours posted on the internet and discuss them as if they were facts?


Agreed, but that makes it even more bizarre that he’s been dropped.


Kinsella has only made 11 league starts this season. For whatever reason Keates does not rate him, or at least rates him below Osbourne, Dobson & Edwards.

He was not his first choice at the start of the season, and when he got into the side after injuries to Chambers and Osbourne (and in my opinion Kinsella has been the best central midfielder in each of his starts this season), he was dropped in favour of Osbourne and Edwards when they returned to fitness.


I know what has happened, it’s still bizarre. I’m questioning why Keates doesn’t rate him. The evidence of his talent is clear to see and if he genuinely favours Osbourne then he’s flat out delusional.


Some managers have blind spots over players. There is no explanation other than Keates is wrong.

Keates even signed Conor Ronan on loan as a spare central midfielder when Kinsella was out of favour early in the season.


Is it only Keates that thinks he should be first on the team sheet?
We can all see what an embarrassing waste of space he is, clogging up the midfield, a paceless, slow turning lump that the opposition target, giving us nothing either in defence or attack. Oh! I forgot, he once scored a goal for us, that’s the reason…of course, how silly.


the clubs spin.telling you this is whats bullshine mate honestly.


I think we will be adding the name Kinsella to the long list of WFC players that we have let slip through their net. The lad obviously has/had an affinity for the club and is light years in front of Osbourne as far as ability and effort goes but the club as a whole are willing to just let him drift away.

I personally think that DK has not used his limited budget wisely and would have better spent some of the money on an improved offer for Kinsella. Seems such a waste that having invested over a decade’s time and money into the lad to have it end like this.


Keates has labelled tonights game the biggest of the season so swallow your pride if you have to deano and get kinnsella in that team . Need him tonight more than ever .


I must apologise. Bernie is correct. I was wrong to start a thread on unsubstantiated, although believed in good faith,rumours. I’m as baffled as anyone to why Kinsella is absent. Maybe people inside the game, namely Smith,Whitney and now Keates, who haven’t given Kins much of a run know more than we do.


Unsubstantiated rumour is the life blood of this site. Long may it continue!