Kins being punished?


Saw a comment on social media from a supporter, who’s probably recognisable to many and I have no reason to doubt him, who commented that Kinsella has been offered a new contract which is thought to be derisory hence why he turned it down.
Surely it’s coincidental that he’s suddenly surplus to requirements.
If he is being punished for not committing to the clubs future isn’t it a bit hypocritical to then fill the team/matchday squad with loanees who, I would imagine, don’t see their future here either?
It seems a common thought process from many supporters that we wish Deano to succeed but, at the time of writing, I see very little forward thinking, with the exception of Scarr and Norman, to see where we are supposed to be heading. This season was supposed to be about rebuilding. I can’t see any progress.


Keates wouldn’t be the first manager to do this. It’s up to the individual to decide if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but it’s not a completely irrational move.


My concern is that, for example, Oteh is supposed to be a superb prospect. I’m pleased that we’ll hopefully benefit from his brief time here. But every game he plays is a game Gordon isn’t playing. Yes Gordon is raw. Yes he’s inconsistent. But he’s ours and should take priority, in my opinion, over Oteh. He won’t learn anything sat on the bench.
I know it’s Deano perogative to do as he sees fit but I feel he’s giving himself bigger problems down the line by not backing what we have.


I heard that both Kinsella and Johnson left the ground before Saturday’s game . If true this throws fresh light on DK’s managerial abilities. Both should have been in the team in my view.


I see kinnsella not at the moment but a few years time earning his money in the championship. So we should be giving him a good contract on decent wages . Then when the time comes you reap the rewards with a cash windfall for the club . But this is Walsall fc and we don’t go down that road do we. He will go for nothing.


I agree …we have done it with Dobson and we did it it with Henry and one or two others . Why not Kinsella? He has been with us since he was 8!! He truly is one of our own!!


Kinsella was definitely there after the game - I saw him in the boner suite.

Its a dangerous game to punish your second best player of the season…


But if he, Dobbo and Zeli, are the scapegoats for Bolton, when Deano said players weren’t doing their jobs properly, then he knows more than me.
Yes they, Kins and Dobbo especially, are inexperienced but to be rested, for want of a better word, and replaced by Edwards and Osbourne (I have nothing against either of them) who may have that experience but I’d question whether they have the same qualities.


The club clearly have a pay structure, and as we have seen over the past few seasons, we cannot compete when we have someone that someone else wants.
What the club consider to be a good deal obviously doesn’t cut it in today’s world.
I imagine that Kinsella is being advised to let his contract run down rather than sign a new one, which would benefit the club, rather than him. To be fair to him, he has hardly been the first name on the team sheet all season so probably thinks a change is the right course of action, and without a transfer fee to consider, he will likely get a much better deal elsewhere than if he signs a new contract and then inevitably gets sold to the highest bidder.


Let’s give Keates the benefit of the doubt on this. We do not know for a fact that:

  1. Kinsella has been offered a new contract.
  2. The offer is derisory.
  3. Kinsella has turned this offer down
  4. This is the reason that Keates is leaving him out of the team.

All of those things might be true, some of them might be true, or they all might be false. Let’s not assume the worst.

It would be absolutely crazy for Keates to leave Kinsella out of the squad just because he had refused a contract extension. Walsall are in trouble, and therefore Keates is in trouble. If he is leaving a player he would otherwise play, and a player who he wants to keep for at least another season, just because he has not yet agreed a new contract, then he is doing himself no favours. So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.


Its 100% true up to people what they want to believe though of course.


Good to hear that…my informant was wrong then. Whether he has turned down a contract offer or not we need him involved in our squad.


said poster is my dad told me this a few weeks ago direct from Kinsellas grandad at the charlton game not happy with the length of contract the main issue.


As in too short a contract or too long ?


According to EFL regulation 67.3 if a club wants to offer a player worse terms for a future contract they have to give the player the option of a free transfer at the end of the contract instead if the player wants it. For players under 24 this would mean that there would be no compensation if they find another club.

If the club is offering better terms then there is a minimum twelve months extension, but there would be the possibility of compensation for a player under 24 who refused the increased offer and goes to another league club.


short mate.


I can see it being true.

Loads of players have been left out by clubs as they won’t sign a new deal and so commitment is questioned especially if said club is in relegation battle.

Kinsella gone from automatic selection in the 11 to not even making the bench so given no injury has been stated something is pretty odd there considering he was generally playing well.

There is obvious space on the bench for him aswell.


Treatment of Kinsella is shocking - if ever a player epitomised what the manager was all about, it’s him.

Osbourne is strolling around whilst a lad who gives 100% every time isn’t even deemed good enough for the bench.

Add playing a right back at right wing when you’ve got a perfectly good right winger of your own and another on loan and it gets you thinking.


Is it that Keates has lost the plot Tone :smiley:


What can either side do? Kinsella is right to turn down a ■■■■ offer, Keates can’t offer any more. On that basis do we continue with players that don’t want to be here or ones that will be long term.

Kinsella has been outstanding all season for me and on merit deserves to be in the side without question. The board won’t allow us to make a fair offer to a player of his standard. The wheel turns.