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After Ginnelly’s sale and the incoming money from Bradshaw’s sell-on (+Candlin and potentially Rico) I would be very disappointed if Walsall didn’t offer a new contract to Kinsella. The lad has been a real bonus this year and deserves improved terms. I would still like a bit of magic too in terms of incoming signings but keeping Kinsella is a real priority in the new year.


I agree with you. I am sure the Club are on to it but these days nothing is certain.


There was a Black Country Scratchings van spotted on the car park one day last week, so they are obviously working on it.


The scratching van was a clever disguise by uncle Jeff, it gets loaded with Banks’s gold and driven somewhere in Suffolk😂


I agree give him new contract but the opposite is more likely any decent offer and he will be gone.


They weren’t on it at all as of the Sunderland replay.