Kiosks in the lower tier (block 6 end in my case) seem to have hit a new low, and the club really need to do something about it because there’s a lot of lost income here.

At the match yesterday, I got in the queue 3/4 minutes BEFORE half time, only to be told by some 12 year old, once they’d taken my money, that they’d got none of what I asked for but they’d ‘look into it’. Six of the staff walked around the kiosk for a bit saying ‘hotdog’ to each other. Meanwhile, a lengthy queue of 23 forms behind me (yeah, I had time to count). The guy behind me wants literally just a coke, but nobody serves him while they look for hotdogs. After several more minutes, I got fed up of holding every one up and told them I’d have a burger instead. After several more minutes, now well into actual half time, I was told they’d be ‘a few minutes’ while they cooked. Also noted there were just 5 pies being kept warm in the oven at the back at this point, with the queue getting longer now the whistle had gone. Eventually I received my cheeseburger, which was nice because I didn’t actually ask for cheese. They gave me a free aero.

I know it’s a bit petty, but the service is absolutely atrocious and they were in no way prepared for half time. Out of three main hot food items, they had none of one, 5 of another and they were only just starting to cook the third. It was pissing people off in the line waiting. All part of the match day experience and a reminder of why 9 times out of 10 I don’t bother going to the kiosks at all for anything.

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They ran out of cornish pasties at 20 to 3. In all 3 kiosks at ground floor!
And this is with another game on tuesday evening. Do they not have any stock control?

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Amazes me that people actually eat the ■■■■ sold at the ground.


Tend to agree, but the point is that they don’t even have the opportunity to buy said ■■■■ in the first place!

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I’m sure Dan Mole would be interested to hear about these things,either via letter/email or at the next meeting he has with the fans representative’s.It’s just disgraceful when you think how they can’t stop saying how good they are at catering in the Bonser suite etc.

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I don’t feed at matches, at least not normally. I think the trauma of the pies at both Bury and Wigan in the early 1980s put me off for life.

Notable exceptions being Exeter and Yeovil - great pies, and eating a sausage off the floor at Hartlepool, which blazing saddler had just discarded in disgust (at the football).

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All these things have been escalated to Mole on endless occasions and nothing’s changed. Just buy food elsewhere it’s ■■■■ anyway!

Just for a bit of balance, after a shaky start to the season, the Stadium Suite is now comfortably handling the extra demand and must be making a few extra quid each home game.

Selling bottled beer from the food kiosks and then extending and properly staffing the two bars means that the queues at the bars on Saturday were never bigger than a five/ten minute wait.

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Ye agreed however they stopped selling beer at the the one kiosk at 2.40 on Saturday , any idea why that is because there was plenty asking for it .

I don’t know for sure, but I’m not sure there are blinds on the windows in the wings of the Stadium Suite (I.e the bit where the kiosks are rather than the bar and stage areas).

If there are no blinds this means that anyone in those bits drinking alcohol after 2:45 would be breaking the law as they would be able to see the pitch.

A ridiculous law. But still law.

Only guessing, but the only thing I can think of.

Probably the case. There’d be nothing worse for The Venue: Brum than to be a bar without a licence.

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Sid, this is not something new and to think he is not aware of the amatuerish shambolic way the club is run is frankly unbelievable. Our no.1 supporter is only interested in corporate/bonser suite activities and attaches no importance to looking after those nasty neccessary nuicances called fans.
Let them eat cake ! We probably would if they had some :cake:

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Absolutely spot on!! Bonser and the hierarchy are only focused on the hospitality, corporate side of the business especially on match days, Think it shows what Bonser and the gang really think about the ordinary guy in the street! As I’ve said previously I made a decision yrs ago not to fund Bonsers pocket any more than I had to, i.e. Don’t purchase anything apart from my matchday ticket. " The gravy train" will never be allowed to dry In our masters suite!!!

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I also had a bad experience there earlier in the season. I don’t think it’s the fault of the kids working there. They just seem to lack proper supervision. But that costs…

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I also had a nasty experience in there… I ordered a pint of Banks’s :poop:

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no balti pies in the first kiosk upstairs then lack of a till roll causing mayhem at the other end, took ten minutes of my life i’ll never get back! to counter this though, it’s the first time this season stock has been an issue, and the hospitality in the OAP stand continues to be top notch and fantastic value for money (from my experience v Blackpool).

The main issue for me at the kiosks is the number of staff it takes per order, rather than taking multiple orders! This is obviously a planned ‘process’ devised by supervisors, but is laughable when 3-4 people are needed to get a pie from 3 foot away and take some money :joy::joy:

That was my experience. Or ,if someone places a big, or not straightforward order ,the queue stops moving while there are staff standing round waiting for something to do. It’s a nailed on case of poor management.

Going to Bescot is like entering a “Life on Mars” timewarp. They seem to think people will keep showing up because they’re fans,no matter how badly you treat them.

It may be just me, but are people really minded to miss part of the game waiting around in a queue to purchase poor quality food for markedly inflated prices?

Can’t people physically go without food and/or drink for the duration of the game, say a generous 2 hours? A drink I can understand, I’m talking about the kind of alleged substances in the kiosks.

That’s not necessarily a Walsall thing, just a football/social thing.

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Yes, i also done that some years ago and my bad experience was on the bog (very quickly) :running_man:

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But I couldn’t even get a black coffee-and I had to stand for ages even to get a tea as an alternative. Not the worst case of deprivation in human history, I grant you. But it doesn’t exactly lead to occasionals wanting to come back.