Korey Roberts


Anyone have any idea how his recovery is going? Just haven’t seen/heard anything but I know there is more in the know people than myself on here! I for one cannot wait to see him back next season, i don’t think we would be in the predicament we are in had he not got injured.


I commented just after his injury that I thought it would be very doubtful if he played professionally again, he suffered a career ending severe leg break, the guy would have to learn to walk again never mind kick a ball, I sincerely hope I’m proved wrong and that he gains fitness. But I don’t think the odds are good😔


As with most other matters, the club tells us ■■■■ all about ■■■■ all.


I hope he will come back, after an horrific injury like that especially as young as he is, I don’t think any player would be the same again mentally and physically, but just look at the likes of Luke Shaw and how he came back, I’m staying positive that he can come through this and get back to the level or better than what he was


Yeah then repay the club by buggering off at the the first sign of a decent deal elsewhere like so many others do .


Unless we become a championship club, that’s what will keep happening like most teams! Oh and a new owner would be nice :grimacing::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Back running:


Good news indeed. Let’s hope he continues his recovery.


Yes really good news…he will be a big asset next season.


Fantastic news!! Roll on next season and fingers crossed the lad can pick up where he left off!


Can just see the conversation with our lord and master when the new season contracts are discussed as we get accustomed to life in the 4th division…
Bonser…“Who is that tall thin lad with the afro?”
Keates…“That’s Roberts sir”
Bonser…“Does he play for us?”
Keates…“Yes sir, he’s a great defender!”
Bonser…“How often did he turn out for us last season?”
Keates…“Not a lot, he broke a leg early on in the season sir”
Bonser…“Has he recovered, and is he worth a bob or two?”
Keates…“Yes sir, he has and he’s a great prospect!”
Bonser…“lets sell him then, reduce the wage bill.
Now who is this Chambers fellow?”
Keates…“He’s a great stalwart of the club sir”
Bonser…“Why are we paying a steward so much money!”
Keates…“No sir, a stalwart, he’s been with us for a long time”
Bonser…“Does He play then?”
Keates…“No sir, he’s been injured too”
Bonser…“Is he worth selling?”
Keates…“Not really he’s quite old in footballing terms”
Bonser…“Add him to your backroom staff then now that I’ve made you dismiss all those you had last season!”




Any news / update on chambers ? I expected him back at Xmas


Yes, he attended Barrie Blowers funeral last week.