Kory Roberts Injury


Kory Roberts has been injuried with a suspected broken fibula and tibia. Guess that’s him out of at least the first half of season if not the whole season… Gutted, showed good promise last season just hope he can recover and come back stronger.


Gutted for the lad :pensive:, was looking forward to what he could do with new management behind him.I Just wish him a speedy recovery.


Terrible news. Wish Kory all the best but long road ahead of him in terms of rehab. He won’t play again this season as that is very serious injury.


They say that a clean break is better to heal than ligament damage :thinking:


Awful news. His emergence was one of the few bright spots last season.


He’ll hopefully eventually get over it, unlike some of the more serious ligament injuries. We’ll see. :slightly_frowning_face:


Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery


Why the ■■■■ are tackles going in strong enough to do that in a preseason friendly


I wasn’t there so correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve read it sounded a pretty innocuous challenge? I’m probably completely wrong but that’s just how it reads.


Was a nothing challenge but he’s got his leg wrapped around their players leg and fell awkwardly. Very unfortunate.


That’s what I read as well.
Fair play to Gary Rowett though with his offer of help.


Huge loss, our best player against Stoke against top quality opposition and could have been a key player this season.

Only slight positive that can be taken from this is that he could come back having put on a few extra pounds of muscle like what happened to Matt Preston when he had a similar injury at a young age, still would rather it didn’t happen though.


I stand corrected, sounds unlucky then