L 1-0 vs Crawley Town (A) - Mon 18th Apr, 3pm

End of season friendly really.

Walsall safe, Crawley with the slimmest of chances of making the playoffs. They need to win here, we don’t need to do anything.

Wilkinson, Holden, Kinsella all out. Maybe White too. Good job we’re now safe.

If you’re going, you’re nuts but fair play.

Crawley win for me.

Crawley Town vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Crawley Town Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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Don’t think Flynn will see it that way, and nor should he

Might scrape a draw 1-1.

Im pretty sure that players are gonna be playing for there futures. Flynn did say hes 90% sure on his summer plans, these players must perform if they want to be a part of it.

But if Flynn has chosen who stays and goes, just drop the players that are leaving and play the others and a few kids and see what happens

Flynn said in his post match yesterday the squad is very stretched due to injuries. I think, with it being our second game in 3 days, it’ll be too much for them unfortunately.

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Crawley were one of the worst teams to visit us this season which is saying something. Despite our injuries I think we will scrape a draw.

They managed to beat Newport (vying for a play off place) at their place on Friday.
Not a good omen, think a hammering is on the cards, but who cares really now that we are safe. A chance to put some of the kids (do we really have any?) into our much injury depleted side. Some of the remaining squad playing for their future, will it change the way they play? Doubt it, they are already on the beach, waiting for their agents to grab them a spot at some Conference side that pays silly wages for has beens…

Flynn won’t, the players will. Most of them anyway, based on their showings this season.

Creepy are in fine form at the moment, I’d snap your hand off for a point, the People’s Pension Stadium is never an easy place to go. Expect with it being a bank holiday near the south coast a bumper away audience.

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:rofl::rofl: Proper on the wind up you.


Just wondering if Kingcrod is actually Dame Omlette Biggins as we all know a panto dame loves a good audience, oh yes he does.

Somethings going on with King it has to be.

more like never have beens in many cases (apart from their character that Fullarton assured us of obviously)

Can’t see many going to this unless their are a load of Saddlers on the south coast for bank holiday). Rubbish away day in a horrible place at a horrible club. I certainly CBA shelling out a fortune to watch our gutless lot stick in another non-performance


Sure to be a few, I’d have taken in a weekend in Brighton and the game on the way home had I not already been away.

Anyone know if this will be on ifollow

Will be for me :sunglasses:


He can surely give starts to likes of Leak and Perry unless he’s already written them out of his plans.

Ward will certainly be leaving but he’s at least a solid pro who will be professional unlike others so would assume he’d come in for a start.

Likes of Devine and Kiernan haven’t played that much recently. Rodney needs to prove something for next season aswell.

2-0 defeat then. Not sure I’d go even if there was a private jet parked outside my house bound for Gatwick at 10am tomorrow. Probably be quicker by non-existent rail anyway given the service currently provided by British airways. :joy:

It’s similar to Stevenage to me. Half an hour by train from every boozer imaginable in central London so there are worse aways.

Website says video pass available so yes it is