L 1-0 vs Harrogate Town (H) - League Two - Sat 11th Nov, 3pm

What time would that be though Rob … we do still like to make it in time for kickoff :wink:


And then to spill beer on them …


If I don’t work I can be there any time :smile:

@RedandWhite will be there 10 mins earlier this week just cos i was in before him last home game, so he’ll be there for 11.45 :rofl::rofl:


@RedandWhite could turn up half an hour after me and still have drank more beer than me by the time we all started walking down to the ground.

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No no you misunderstand, the one that’s now playing in League One was a genuinely good defender, not the one struggling for game time at a non league team staring relegation in the face :joy:

White was shit. Get over it.

Don’t tell Walsall Fan TV Jnr, his favourite player for last 2 seasons, he was a huge fan.