L 1-0 vs Leicester City (H) - FA Cup Round Four - Sat 28th Jan, 12:30pm

Less than 48 hours to go … :clock1230:

Time for some team predictions….

I think given the shortage of strikers we’ll look to utilise a system that only needs 1 rather than 2. I also think Flynn won’t want to change to a back 4 unless he really has to, although with Manny missing I’d be tempted to take that route, that would mean Wilmott filling in at right back.

My feeling is he’ll opt to try and press high and crowd out midfield areas and he may well revert to his box system.

I think we’ll see McEntee replace Monthe, Songo’o will start, Wilmott to play RWB with knowles and Hutchinson at the top of the midfield box behind DJT.

Where do you see the new lad playing?

Centre mid.

Be a big call to drop the lads that got us there, let’s see.

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Really looking forward to this one, the proverbial free hit so hope we give it everything we’ve got and with a sprinkling of cup magic and a smidgen of lady luck who knows what might happen. Sure to be a noisy and boisterous audience, let’s hope everyone behaves themselves.

Everton Andy and Scottish Dave will be in attendance so I hope we put on a show for them too.

Also the great Nicky Cross who signed for Leicester after falling out with TC.
Now that was a forward line , Cross , Christie and Kelly


One of my favourites, Nicky Cross. Such a classy player.


Such an intelligent player plus he always gave me tickets for away games .
To say I was gutted when he was sold was an understatement!!!

We have had some fantastic players, some of which we will never see the likes again, Preece, Shakespeare, buckley, 0’Kelly to name a few

Remember him scoring against us at Filbert Street.

Then remember him scoring against us for Hereford in maybe our first Bescot season.

Top, top player.


Liam, please say you are daunted! Have you read the script?

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Brendan Rodgers press conference:

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Win lose or draw i will enjoy it been a while since we was in the 4th round against a prem club and still very much in with a chance of promotion happy days… more importantly for me is the joy this season has brought to my lad he only really started to get into football and supporting Walsall since our relegation to league 2 and tbh it was hard to keep him interested with what was on offer plus covid… but this season really has brought out the saddler inside him… long may it continue… UTS

Ps score prediction is 1-3 but that aint going to stop me and me kids having a great day and something that will be remembered for a long time even our route to the 4th round has been a rollercoaster great performance against Wycombe away, followed by 2 late goals to rescue the victory against Carlisle… and then the madness at Stockport. Thats what the Fa cup is all about.


I can relate to that totally. I have had a few moments where I thought it was slipping away with my lad. Let’s face it we have had some pretty rough times over recent years, it hasn’t been much fun.

He stuck with it though, credit to him. His face at Stockport was a picture, then gathered around the radio on the coach waiting for the draw, great stuff.

I was saying to him, you have to suffer the bad to appreciate the good times and the big games. There will be plenty more good times ahead for our kids hopefully.

I hope you all have a great day. Up The Saddlers


Anyone know anyone who has a spare ticket - asking for a mate who can now go but is ticketless

McEntee starts for me with Willmott on the right and Knowles up top with Williams

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If you can persuade your mate that Salford away on Tuesday night will be better than boring old Leicester at home on Saturday then I’m your man :grinning:

It was later than that when he scored for Hereford against us. Was our promotion season.

I am fairly sure we looked at signing him in the summer but got Kevin Wilson instead. Turned out nice.


Just how good was Scotty Houghton? Both feet, defenders hadn’t got a clue how to defend him.