L 1-0 vs Salford City (A) - League Two - Tue 31st Jan, 7:45pm

Does that mean the England game might be a doubt too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There were a few flakes of snow in central Manchester earlier.

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You can park right by the ground, on the hill just before you get to the ground on the right, easy to get away too

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There pitch is crap as well good chance it could be off.

Called off at 8am.

Tomorrow obviously not today :smile:

FFS just realised my 2 tickets ordered Monday haven’t arrived yet and there’s a postal strike today :see_no_evil: Can obviously pay on the day but i hope i can get my money back for the 2 tickets I’ve already paid for!

Got an email off the ticket office saying mine had been sent up to Salford.

If the pitch is unplayable today then it should be called off, the weather is not going to improve.


Go past the ground turn left at lights and then right that’s were we parked last year. Bit of a walk but that was the nearest we could get.

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Yeah, sorry about that. :joy:

Ring the club, they’ll send tickets up to Salford usually.


Thank you Comrade :grin: Just seen on Dobbo’s FB page that he was setting off a couple of hours ago to join his local picket line. Couldn’t really tell it was Dobbo from the photo as he was wrapped up in so many layers! Good man. Long live the revolution

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Still got next Wed and Thursday and then 23rd and 24th Dec too.

So get any cards or presents sent quickly!

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Glad I’m a miserable git and don’t send any

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Sorted by nice helpful lady in Ticket Office, getting reprinted to collect in Salford. Think it has happened to a few people as she knew straight away why I was ringing.

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The girls in the ticket office are so friendly and helpful and a credit to the club.


Have tweeted the club words to that affect. As a fan base we’re often critical and often with good reason, but credit where it’s due, most of the people at the coal face of tickets etc are fab and like you say a credit to the club. It ay rocket science. Every time I call for a ticket and lady hears my WN postcode she’s gives me the feeling she remembers me (not many people ordering tickets over phone from Wigan) and is always helpful and friendly. Maybe the ‘she remembers me’ bit is wishful thinking and the sad ramblings of an ageing cat nut :grin:

Clearly career advancement requires total abandonment of anything you were clearly very good at, as the further up the old bit of the tree you go the more scarce basic people skills become


Ticket Office manageress Liz Champion very friendly and co-operative great at her job deserves plenty of credit. A great name for someone who is the best!


Another game already being called off…

I wouldn’t call you a Cat nut i know Addie’s called you similar.

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