L 1-0 vs Salford City (A) - League Two - Tue 31st Jan, 7:45pm

Match Previews will return next game.

Hope we stuff these for keeping KO at 3pm.

Salford City vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Salford City Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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460 advance tickets sold as of yesterday, but will all of those (and others intending to pay on the gate) all turn up now that Salford have declined to bring the game forward to avoid clashing with England’s game against France?

I will be there. In fact I’m up in Manchester right now ahead of our office Christmas do tomorrow afternoon. Hotel and petrol covered by expenses and only a short trip to the ground on Saturday. :grin:


Hope you’re practising drinking copious amounts of alcohol and dancing on the tables Andy …

Another win I think.Probably one or two nil.

I don’t think they’d take my weight. :rofl:

But yes to the practising my drinking. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

Picking my old dad up to come and watch it with me on ifollow, his vascular dementia is getting a bit more prominent now, so don’t know how many get togethers we have left :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
But he is still pretty coherent at the moment, hopefully i can get him to try the new beer pull :wink:


You mean you’ll have him waiting on you while you sit back and watch the game? :rofl:


At least till he’s tried the new beer pull a few times eh mucka … :wink:

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3-3 draw white with an accidental hat trick
Beckham Neville and scholes for them

Salford is not a team I particularly like, it’s more about the owners with their sense of entitlement. Well, they’ve sunk millions into a club who barely attract 2000 fans to their crappy ground, it will be a long time before the Neville’s get their money back.
We’re on a really good run and playing better away from home, another three points will be most welcome thank you!



I understand the club before country thing, if you cut me in half I bleed Walsall red. I’ve never felt the need to choose though, I also love England. We have never had to choose between Walsall and an England World Cup game, a quarter final too, not some meaningless game. I know a fair few lads that are ardent Walsall fans but also follow England all over the place. It really should never have had to be a choice. Still, there is a lot of love for this Walsall side now and I still expect a decent following that will no doubt do us proud.

For us, the choice has been made a lot simpler. We came back from Doncaster with more than just 3 points. We have been flued up big time since Sunday and the rest of the house has since caught it. So as much as I’d love to have been at Salford we are going to rest up at home.

I was saying to George it will be a tough game and he said " we aren’t a pushover ourselves now are we?" and he is right. Nothing to fear but fear itself and the fact we are Walsall… :see_no_evil: 2-1 victory to reward the loyal travelling army.


My City supporting mate has sorted out the itinerary. 10.14 from Pemberton to Salford Central and then to Mulligans. He signed off with ‘we’ve got the England match to deal with then :see_no_evil:

Could be a long day


I’m going, takes me just over an hour to get back in the car, so reckon I can squeak it.

Pity I’ve got to go back to Wales though :joy:

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I dunno if you are staying out to watch the game but when we went to Salford the first time we played there we got an uber to Manchester straight after the game and were back in the pub in no time at all. Much to the dismay of a load of Port Vale fans that the landlord wouldn’t let in. :rofl: I can’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t a fortune like some of the games where we missed the last train back and daft stuff like that.

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Minus 4 tonight and tomorrow, so unless they have under floor heating it has to be in doubt.

Anyone know where’s the best place for parking near the ground ?

They can whip out the fire bins that was our speciality ?

Course has been shut for two days, no chance Football will be on :wink:

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They.close them posh courses at the first sign of bad weather though.
You’ll be on temps now til March :wink:

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