L 2-0 vs AFC Wimbledon (A) - League Two - Tue 28th March, 7:45pm

White Daniels McEntee
Willmott Kinsella Comley Gordon
Knowles Matt

I reckon they might struggle to get this on.

I will be sending a message to the club

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You want the Venue to put on a Marvin Gaye tribute act? Good idea.

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Hope it’s on, train and hotel booked ……

It’s an absolute nightmare, will be the one and only time I go to this ground because of it. Restrictions all around with residents complaining about being slapped with £110 fines all the time themselves on match day. Apparently the council are using it as a cash raising exercise.

Checked the app where people rent out drives etc, about 9pm yesterday nearest a 10 min walk was £70, by 10:30pm £250. Nearest reasonable shown as Asda kingston thames £7:50 which it said was 12 min walk, but when I checked it on google, said was 5 miles away and a 1:45hr walk.

Currently checking out maybe parking in Clapham and catching a 20min train from Clapham Junction to Haydons Road which is a 10min walk £6 return but 5 of us so £30 there, black cab journey from Clapham to ground is £30 one way.

Basically that idiot khan as has deemed it a car no go zone with his green extremism. Also having bankrupted transport for london he’s trying to rake in cash through his ultra clean are zone which means if you don’t have an exempt type of car (thankfully I do) you have to pay a charge for that before you even think about parking.

Still looking at options as at the moment Clapham parking and £30 for trains looks best option and ideas welcome.

Just starting to look if I can get closer with shorter train journey.


What direction you coming from? Walsall? I always park at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush if I drive to London. Wimbledon is easy from there central line for a stop or two then district line.


No local businesses or schools renting out their car parks like at most other grounds?

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I hope the game is on otherwise Monthe will miss the Leicester match.
Matt will make his debut, let’s hope he has something about him as DJ will be a hard act to follow.
The lads may be a bit rusty as they’ve not played for a couple of weeks, at least it seems that way.
I’m hoping we can keep the streak going.


Not sure what I looked at now mate tbh :thinking: looks like it’s set to be cold from what I’ve just seen below which is crap especially if it gets called off.

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When I looked yesterday the Met Office forecast was nicer than the BBC forecast. Not sure if they are still the same but with the BBC I thought it could be off and with the Met I thought it should almost certainly be on.

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Weather forecasts have improved dramatically over the years but there are still instances where they get it wrong.I always remember Michael Fish telling everyone that a women rang the BBC to warn them of a hurricane in Cornwall was it? And he said don’t worry there won’t be one.Then when they woke up the next morning it had devastated the area killing people so I believe.Back to the here and now though and we could really do with this being on(needless to say)and it looks like they’ve drafted folk in on a Sunday afternoon to lay covers down so they’ve obviously tried their best, which let’s be honest is all you can ask for.

I think this will be off and there might well be a question mark over the Leicester game as well with the early kick-off.

It’s a league only ban i think, so he’d miss Salford.

Temperatures are forecast to be rising later in the week. Highs of 8 or 9, and no frosts forecast, so the Leicester game should go ahead.

Not sure about tomorrow.

I have found the BBC forecast to be very unreliable and found AccuWeather to be far better.


Looking at all the forecasts I’m pretty hopeful, if they’ve got the covers on and it’s due to be 5 or 6 degrees during the day tomorrow it should be good enough.

Yellow cards don’t carry across between competitions (for totting up suspensions etc) but unfortunately red cards do, so Manny has to miss our next first team game played whatever competition it is in.

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I think that’s correct, then ban is league games only.

Didn’t realise AFCW played on the Common though. :smiley: