L 2-0 vs AFC Wimbledon (A) - League Two - Tue 28th March, 7:45pm

That’s where all the Wombles live and work. :grin:

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I’d rather Monthe miss the cup game than a league game in one sense, however he would probably prefer it the other way round, which I understand

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He deserves to play, I’d be gutted for him.


Yeah, I agree from his point of view, but if he does have to miss the game then there is an upside, I suppose.

Certanly some businesses on the app (Like Asda etc) besides residents diring out spaces for games parking but the area all round the ground seems a wilderness for such parking unless you want to take the individual offering parking for £250 uip on their offer!

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Thanks Poloman,

checked out sheppard bush, train ticket to Haydons Road is exactly the same price £6 (45-50 mins) so certainly no point driving any further into London if taking this option, ticket won’t get any cheaper and would just cost you more fuel, time and probably parking costs.

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So, checked out Sheppards Bush. will cost about £9-10 to park near by (7mins walk), then about 45-50 mins train (£6 each) to Haydons road, then about 15 min walk to ground. If you have a car with 5 in that’s £40 overall Vs park by the ground, get £110 fine, pay within 14 days reduced to £55.

Given my one nephew isn’t the greatest at walking due to a disability think I might just pay the fine, particularly if the wheather is cold and damp, better to get in the warm car quickly, accepting will cost a little more in fuel as well but worth it. so much for Khan’s loony extreme green policies, but guess he’s more intrested in getting the penalty money of the motorists anyway.

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I found out to my cost that my car is not exempt when I got fell foul of the ULEZ when we played at Orient earlier in the season after the boundaries were changed since our previous visit. Didn’t realise so didn’t pay the £12.50 per day charge, and ended up with a penalty notice (£160 reduced to £80 if paid within 14 days). I know know though and am OK so long as I don’t go inside the north or south circulars (A406 and A205). Plough Lane itself is outside - but the boundaries are changing again at the end of August this year.

Really hacked off that my car is not exempt. It’s zero rated for road tax due to its emissions, and more than meets the Euro 6 standard the ULEZ is based on, but because it was registered before they came into effect it is liable for the charge. But if it had sat on a dealer’s forecourt for a few months until after the standard came into force it before it was registered it would be OK - even though it’s exactly the same car and not changed in any way during that time. Makes no sense.

I wouldn’t worry it won’t be on :frowning:

It’ll be on, I’m pretty positive, unless the temp nosedives drastically

Just checked. London due to get up to 6c through the day and down to -1 at night, but they’re now forecasting " thick fog" for the night.
Three of tomorrow’s L2 matches are in the SE.I’d be very surprised if they all survive.

Think Earlsfield is closer and easier to get to from Shepherds Bush

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Match off. Manny missing Leicester. Gutted for him.

I thought it was a league game ban?

No Manny Monthe Saturday?

FFS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Bad news

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As Andy said earlier, I believe this is right:

From what I’ve read he can play in the cup unless I’ve interpreted wrongly .
There was a change in the rules

I interpreted it wrongly :see_no_evil:

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Are there enough Tuesdays left before the end of the season for all these rearranged games? Add it any possible cup replays and we could be going until June! :grin:

It seems…Red cards in the EFL will see players suspended across all domestic competitions.

As of the 2019/20 season, the rules were changed so that suspensions from accumulating yellow cards only applied for the specific competition.

However, red cards still carry across all competitions.

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