L 2-0 vs Barrow (A) - League Two - Tue 28th Nov, 7:45pm

  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Barrow Win
  • 1976 Austin Allegro

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1976 Austin Allegro with a shout out to any Classic.Retro.Modern readers out there.

We will win, it’s the Walsall way.

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A long way there and back without anything to show for it.

This could be the surprise win we are due.


Would like to see a decent performance regardless of the result, something to make me believe Sadler is worth moving forward with. Would like to see some positivity and keep some possession, start well etc maybe go back to 3-5-2. But can understand why we’ll be defensive and look to counter away from home. Gonna be a tough night, hopefully we come away with a result and a good performance would be sweet.


This is a really really nasty game. Could really do without this given the negativity at the moment.

From what I can see Barrow are strong athletic side who are direct (but not hoofball). They have an excellent finisher in Telford who is not afraid to shoot. They appear very fit as evidenced by their late goals v MK Dons and Colchester.

If the Holker street pitch is as dire as I remember it from a couple of years ago, plus it being a cold winters night I can only see this being a hard battle of a game. I think we need our strong players out there.

I know I’m a poster who talks about the long term, but for me this is just a one-off battle. Nothing to gained from thinking long term in this game.

With that in mind Id play 4-3-1-2






If Farquarhson is back i would play him, assuming he has the fitness. Otherwise Foulkes and Okabague.

Although a fan of Hutch & RAM I would rest for this game as not their sort of game and may as well rest for the Alfreton match.

Although I prefer McEntee in defence I would play him in Midfield for the energy. Same with Tierney.

I would actually give Matt a game here too for his physicality. Hold the ball up. Tire them out. I would bring DJ on for him if we fall behind and need a goal. Otherwise bring on for Draper who will get tired.

If we allow ourselves to get bullied we will lose and more ammunition for the Sadler Out Brigade (SOB), but if we fight we might get a draw, or being Walsall a win.

Finally 100% massive respect to the Walsall fans who are travelling tonight. :clap:

Part of me has this game written off, but for those travelling i hope theres a performance.


The last time we “rested” Hutch against a direct side as it’s wasn’t his sort of game we were 4-0 down at half time. With Sadler infamously saying we were “dragged down to their level”. Not saying it’s a direct correlation but why go scrapping with a team when we’ll lose that battle. We should not be intimidated by Barrow away really. We look far better when we try and keep the ball on the floor rather than hoofing it up to Draper and looking to “press”.


Safe travels to those that are going tonight. You are definitely more committed/barmy than I am! Hope the team reward you with a terrific performance and result.


Yes valid point. I would say the other players playing that day let Walsall down. So lets hope they dont do so again, if Hutch is rested.

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Think we’ll give these a famous Sadler “pounding” and we’ll be travelling back having witnessed our team give their all and leaving nothing in the dressing room.

Barrow 2 - Walsall 0

Isn’t McEntee suspended for tonight? he picked up his 5th yellow in injury time on Saturday (Hutch, Knowles and Stirk are all on 4 as well).







Id pull knowles out the firing line sit him on the bench bring him on last 20 -30 for his pace if game is on a knife edge ,big dave instead of foulkes ( edit just been reminded mcentee suspended for tonight ) because this is going to be a physical match and i think he has more physicality than foulkes, comley and stirk as the two holding because as i said this game is going to be a midfield battle i think and its going to be decided in midfield

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:pensive: never noticed that but yeah it was mentioned weekend it was his 5th yellow of season

Oh dear. McEntee would have been perfect for this game. Makes it even tougher now.

This is why I like listing my team. It saves me moaning about why xxxx isnt playing at kick off. :joy:

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Yes McEntee is suspended.

I have a feeling we’ll go 442 and match them up again. The dream ticket of DJ and Draper up front!

I agree with the post above….your job is to find what you’re better at them at, not to try and match up against a team who can do that thing better than you can….if a team are physical and direct pick a side that can move the ball and be mobile.

Barrow are well organised and will have a high tempo press.

Be patient. It will be hard to play out and play through it. But it must be our way to go.

They will be tough but no one in this league is at the same level as Stockport, Wrexham and Mansfield and even they are beatable!!

Tierney won’t be fit from what I’ve read and although I quite like him suggestions from some of picking him over Hutch are simply crazy. While they may compliment each other, leaving out a player with 8 goals and 3 assists before the close of November over one who has a goal against Blackburns u16s and Sheppey isn’t a good move.

Incidentally, and this will be broken at some point….since he joined, Walsall haven’t won a single game that Hutch hasnt started :scream: (had my eye on that since last season when for a while it was him and Monthe).


Yes. agree with that in general, but then I thought about the state of the Holker street pitch when i went last time, so good luck with that.

I think they’ve done some work on it. From what I’ve seen it’s not in bad shape.

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I’m going to Barrow, probably going to freeze my Jacob’s cream crackers off.
The thing is football’s a funny old game and on the day anyone can beat anyone else so I’ll cling to that thought because as good as their current run is they all end at some point.

The good news for those on 4 cards is that the clock is reset after tonight’s game (it’s 5 yellows in the first 19 league games = 1 game suspension, 10 within 37 = 2 matches, 15 before the end of the season = 3 matches, and 20 you’re up before the beak for discretionary sentencing).

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