L 3-2 vs Bradford City (H) - League Two - Sat 20th April, 3pm

Walsall vs Bradford City - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Bradford City Win

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Let’s get right behind the lads and get the 3 points!! COME ON YOU SADDLERS!!! :red_circle::white_circle::red_circle::white_circle:


Hopefully we can create an amazing atmosphere for the last home game of the season and help the lads over the line.

2-1 win att 6,150


I think we can win this.2-0 will do.


Surprised theres no ticket offer for such an important game

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I think they are only allowed so many a season, my guess is they have already hit that quota.


Bradford themselves can still make the playoffs you know ……

There’s two very important things we have to accomplish from this game, keep Cook under control and then get all three points.
I know it’s the last home game of the season (barring play offs) and I’m hoping for strong support on Saturday to cheer the lads on. They deserve it and the team deserves you, you’ve been fantastic, no other word for it. The club has given us hope this season, something we’ve not had for a long time, I think we’ve given some of that back.
Smiley faces at 4:45pm!


Crikey there would have to be some serious twists for Bradford to make the playoffs now!

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You’d hope for close to a full house on Saturday.

It won’t be as nothing will be decided so more like a repeat of the Nott’s County attendance.

A tricky game and one we must win.


6,478 (641)

Only two games of the season left but feels like so much can still change.

Whatever happens this Saturday or even next Saturday, this has been a really successful season on and off the the pitch and it’s a great feeling to still be in with a chance of something going into the last home match.


Would love to see faal and dj start for us on Saturday and just go for it and I believe hutch will be a massive player the two up top just give their all for an hour or 70 minutes then bring jamma and flash on if we need to but defensively these ain’t very good


Cook would love to kill any chance we may have of making the play offs, especially if we give him some stick.
Please save it for after the game as we all know what will happen if we give him the …you fat bastard you fat bastard routine, if nothing else he knows where the back of the net is.

Bradford have good support home and away so should be a good atmosphere, as long as we turn out in numbers, seemed a low attendance imo Tuesday night against Swindle being that we were / are still in the hunt for a playoff place.

We have one more chance at home this season as fans to make a difference …let’s do this

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Shouldn’t need any fancy tickets offers to be honest, if people don’t want to turn up and pay normal admission price for such a key game I’m not sure they are much of a supporter. Surely 6,000+ in the audience and hopefully everyone can make their way to their allocated seats for 2:40 as the club requests and create a special atmosphere for when the players enter the arena.

I think we will win this, tough game no doubt but the euphoria of the late win on Tuesday and the style in which we played for the first half, a win is well within our grasp. Despite the inevitable clamour for DJ I’d stay unchanged from the starting 11, we were quite superb in that first half but obviously we’ve got DJ off the bench if we need a goal (although if that’s the case I’d give him a good half hour).

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Yeah, but there will still be at least ten minutes to go, time for Cook to wipe away those smiles. :grimacing:

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Sorry have I missed something … do we have a new end sponsor?


I know a lot of fans despise Cookie, I for one wished he had never left, he was the last “proper” centre forward we had.
You can score as many as you like son, just don’t think about it on Saturday!


Smith absence likely to continue

McEntee back in training

Earing setback

Beat me to it. :grin:

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DD will take care of him way before that :slightly_smiling_face:

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