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I see we are 4th favourites to go down! Hopefully the bookies don’t know a thing.

As a big spender, I always have a £5 each way bet on us to go up. We are 125-1 with Betway sports, so in the extremely unlikely event of us going up as champions I stand to make £791.25!
You also get a free bet if you have not used them before which I’ve put on Geraint Thomas to hopefully win the Tour de France.

If you look at the squad now I can’t see why we are even that well placed. We need reinforcements desperately.

Agreed. What’s taking Keates so long making his mind up on these triallists? We need 3 defenders, a midfielder and a striker. C’mon Deano, the clocks ticking.

I agree with el_nombre!!
Reinforcements are essential, we don’t want to start the season as the relegation favourites that the bookies believe we are, little wonder though with our current threadbare squad! The truth is that most bookies are rich, because they are very rarely wrong.

In the 50+ years I have been supporting The Saddlers, there haven’t been many Julys when we weren’t favourites for the drop.
Worried but not panicked

Realistically I know you are right!
I don’t have a bet because I expect to win, I think it’s more having always had one I can’t imagine not having one.
The late DK equaliser at Swindon kept me going for quite a few years.
As far as I can see the bookies don’t seem to be doing handicapped odds this year. Anyone who had the sloppies last year would have been quids in.

They are rich because they make a market so that there is a margin no matter the result. I thought you were an accountant?

Just that I have been betting so long I am aware that the bookies ALWAYS win!

Course they do but that doesn’t mean that every one loses! From some of your posts on here you ay done too bad the past few seasons😃

We’re always faves for the drop aren’t we? Even in Graydon’s first season.


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Every season. Nailed on for bottom four.

Normally I would agree with those yawning at this and I do to some extent. But this season I can actually see why the bookies would place us in the bottom four looking at it right now. Our squad is nowhere near complete.

I suspect bookies use an algorithm that says clubs who have narrowly avoided relegation are favourites to go down , unless something changes radically over the close season, plus budgets gates etc. To them, nothing has much changed at WFC. To them we have,like dozens of others only replaced a manager, a tactic that doesn’t always work. They don’t need to know that Whitney was something worse than your average failure.

Walsall to be promoted and Andy Cook League One top goalscorer - 500/1 with SkyBet.

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500/1??? I’d want more than that! Haha

For both to happen in the same season , so would I.
WFC are 100/1 with Sky. To make those odds worthwhile , Cook would have to be lower than about 9/2 :astonished:

I believe It is because they are related bets. If Walsall win the league there is more chance that Cook will be top scorer and vice versa. That’s how the bookies work it.

Wonder what the odds are for win the league and Bakayoko as top scorer?

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Take your medication please.

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The men in white coats will be round very quickly, in the mean time keep taking the tablets.
I think Betfred are offering very good adds for Bakayoko scoring at least one goal this season! Worth ten bob or so, you never know, a ball bouncing off his backside counts dow it?