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Why ?

God. That’s such a ridiculous question. There are 2 league games between now and the forum. Worst case we lose both. 3 points out of 15

That would be totally embarrassing and humliating for Boycott. He would look a right idiot defending what was in my opinion a ludicrous recruitment process

Let’s hope it dosnt happen!!!

True being 5 points off a play off spot with only 41 games left he wont have a leg to stand on when the pitch forks come out.


It will be highly embarrassing fronting a forum with 3 points out of 15. As I say let’s hope it dosnt happen!!!

Agreed mate, season over after 5 games he needs to face the music :notes: he should refund the season ticket holders i for one will be asking for a refund.

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I’m not saying anything as such. Season over etc. What I’m saying is it’s really embarrassing to front a forum with potentially 4 losses out of the first 5 games

For the third time now… :pray::pray:. Let’s pray this does not happen

What happens if we win the next 2 games does Boycott get hailed as the messiah for appointing such a wonderful manager ?

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Of course he dosnt. But he will certainly be looking fwd to the evening more than the former

Mazza won’t. He’ll have nothing to moan about except traffic lights and disabled parking.

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I catch the train , I’ll leave that to someone else.

I’ll stick to worrying about the Football I pay to watch :+1:t2: