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Fans Forum announce for 29th August. Boycott, Gamble and Sadler in attendance

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This could be a disaster :see_no_evil:

Positive as usual


Be great to have an update on those traffic lights


What’s not positive you Wolly, have you not been reading the forum and social media.

Bore off

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Bore off?

How old are you?

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Bring it to DM mate if you have a problem, rather than sniping all the time.

No one wants to read it :+1:t2:

Twice, not even half a 5 bar gate, which I assume you must have against my name.


Would love to go. Hope we get some good contributions. My main question would relate to the January transfer window and introducing a flexi-ticket concept.

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Definitely this

No Pombear eh…

Late notice, be good if they put these in calendar earlier

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Expect a signing soon to appease

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No, he will be at the Villa forum telling them we are so close to catching them up they better keep looking over their shoulder


Will be cancelled if we don’t win before then


Hope we find out about random people mates football bana, sadlers investments and other jobs outside of football, why Hutchinson is bad at traffic light management , why there aren’t lifts ever 5 meters and why Rico hasn’t been sold to Barcelona yet


Thank the lord

Is there any way any of us on this forum or members of it can organise themselves to take some control of this
Choose a series of sensible pertinent club and or first team football questions and get them all asked.
Otherwise it will just drift in to why we bring everyone back at corners, traffic lights, access to the Bonser suite and can someone’s mate be released from his banning order.

Has there been any Adebayo windfall?
Are any other players going to be offered long term contracts? Knowles, Evans, Gordon for example.
Any info on the mortgage terms?
How does the Drogheda purchase benefit Walsall?
More detail on usage of Saddlers club.
Can Trivela compete in an ever richer league 2?


So childish for that person to snipe at you. It could be a roaring success or an absolute disaster. Nothing wrong in stating that.

The happy clappers dont like straight talking or the truth. They get very upset :joy:

It will be the same as any other forum.

Main Topics…

  1. Disabled parking bays
  2. Price of a pint.
  3. Traffic lights
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