Lavery far better than Gordon

Got to play Saturday

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100% I don’t really see what Gordon brings to the table

Headless chicken tonight

I have to agree, Gordon looks bereft of any confidence though. Everything he touched tonight went to pish.

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Harsh on Gordon that. Lavery is just a different type of forward, much more purposeful and direct. His combo with Eli seemed to work more effectively after the change. Gordon looks like he needs a break, either from the starting line up or scoring with a deflection or scuff, anything. He’ll have his time this term.


I love josh he works hard and cares but there is something about his movement or lack of it when we are in the final 3rd - he just doesn’t seem switched on. It could be confidence, I hope he scores a scruffy one soon


Some very unfair comments about Gordon in my view. He would have scored tonight but for a desperate or good intervention by one of the Crawley defenders. If his overhead kick had gone in on Saturday it would given him a boost. Both he and the other CF are feeding off scraps at the moment thanks to our set up.
Lavery is clearly a good player(not yet fit enough to start) but he looks good but he did have the benefit of being on the pitch when Hardy and to a lesser extent McDonald created some good attacking phases.
I think they all have a part to play and to write Gordon off now is not right. They need our support a lot as we struggle to overcome the last 2 seasons.


If if if. He would have scored if his finishing had been better when CMM crossed to him free at the back post too.

Guys a poor finisher unfortunately.


If not Gordon’s overhead kick, it would be defeat in previous game. So that’s not that easy to leave him on the bench. For me he needs one game, when he scores, put all nightmares from the previous season to bed, and starts again. Now maybe he tries too much. I hope gaffer will find a way and he will play, not better, but more focused. It looked like he thinks too much sometimes. It’s not too good for a footy player.


He is not a goalscorer said this for months now since people on WFHYS started fantasising that he would replace Cooks goals for us this season and get close to 20 .Again also said i like him he works very hard and drags defenders around which creates space for others to exploit he just doesnt have the instinct in and around the box in terms of positioning and movement at the moment but hes still young so maybe that will come in time what i dont want to see is fans lining him up as the latest scapegoat and giving him stick.


Gordon does everything outside the box very well. This is vital to get forward. He is more of a foil for his strike partner and I think anywhere around 10 goals this season is a good ask. He will have his uses.

It is difficult to argue against Lavery though who looks to be a very clever striker and of course Eli is a handful so I do think this now leaves josh as 3rd choice.


Gordon could have scored… just like Saturday he could have… just like Saturday though he didn’t. Lavery certainly deserves a chance starting if he’s fit enough, just looked more intelligent alongside Adebayo making runs. Really hope Gordon comes good but I think he may even benefit from a spot on the bench and coming on when less pressure on his shoulders.


would agree with both of the above posts if Lavery is fit enough start him on saturday.

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If Gordon had played against our defence tonight instead of Crawley’s he’d have had a bagfull! Three times a cross wasn’t stopped coming into our box, and three times there was a Crawley player that no one picked up who was left to choose their spot.

Doesn’t matter what league you are in or how good you think you are compared to your opponents (at least on paper), no team of professionals are mugs who are only there to make the numbers up.

Kick up the backside received, hopefully weaknesses noted and measures taken to address (not just in defence). Put it behind us and move on to Crewe.

Nah he’d have missed at least two of them.


Gordon’s overhead kick on Saturday was an excellent piece of skill that ultimately (indirectly) lead to a goal, however in the first half he had three chances. The first was pretty decent and he dragged a woeful shot wide, then twice the ball was laid accross the box for a potential tap in and both times the defender got the better of him and no attempt on goal was forthcoming. Great defending but Gordon with his speed and movement shouldn’t have been wrestling the defender, he should have either been those crucial few inches in front of him, or should have been a yard behind him creating the space for a simple goal. I like Gordon, and I hope he comes good, but a sharp striker would have had us 2 or 3 up and game over on Saturday and not relying on a hit and hope to salvage a point with 4 minutes left.


Lavery seems like a better finisher, his second goal tonight was a great instinctive finish.

I like Gordon, he does alot of work that sometimes goes unnoticed. He’ll chip in with a few goals, but when a few were saying he’ll get 20 this season, I think that’s way off.

I think what he lacks is the vision to run forward and past defenders. When he tries to, he runs away from the goal making it harder for him to score.

He’s good though, he’ll chip in with around 10 goals, which if Adebayo and Lavery get the same/more, then that’s alright.


I’m starting to getting frustrated now over the striking situation, we’ve known all summer we needed to bring in 2 of a certain quality.

If or as soon as this happens Gordon will be on the bench that’s if he’s not already benched for Lavery on Saturday.

Top bloke full of running and effort but he’s not a striker, his runs are all wrong. Saturday he continuously attacked the defenders space instead of creating space (if that makes sense). Also when getting opportunities he drags or struggles to get a clean strike. Maybe it’s coaching but I very much doubt it.

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How can anyone say after a cameo thirty five minutes that Lavery is better than Gordon?

Yes Lavery scored two but had Gordon been on the pitch, took the penalty and had Hardy behind him it might have been different.

Gordon is much better when he has a finisher and a creative midfielder alongside him.

For all his running and work rate let’s remember Adebayo has probably had less shots than Gordon and hasn’t looked like scoring neither.

At the minute Gordon isn’t the problem, the lack of creativity is.


I reckon given that Hardy and Holden didn’t start last night - we might see 433/4231 against Crewe.