League 1 next season


Bolton with a 12 point deduction for going into Administration and possible further punishment as no action has yet been taken for the forfeited game

Bury looking like they could go into admin and also have a points deduction

Rotherham not one of those big clubs who drop and will 100% get promoted or reach playoffs at minimum

Looks promising for one of the smaller clubs to invest a little into a possibly much weaker league next year and have a go at promotion



Been the same a few times while we were there. We’ve not been promoted in a good year. Far from it…



So Bury again have financial issues, but were able/allowed to sustain a promotion push…despite the previous season they vastly overspending compared to what they could realistically afford.

Utter ■■■■ take



Talking of Bolton again. According to the local BBC news reports up here in the North, Foodbanks now being offered for 400 employees (400! no wonder they struggle to pay creditors!) who have not been paid their April salaries, the players have not been paid since the end of February! Preston North End have provided the club with £2000 worth of food vouchers for Bolton’s employees. Could easily see Uncle Jeff providing similar help if a local Midlands club got into difficulties! haha.

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Heard on radio this morning that Plymouth will be reinstated in League 1 if Bury go out of business. Been a long time since a club went out the league but sadly its needed to kick the EFL and these owners up the backside…

Only need Coventry to go bump next month and we will be back in League 1 next season :rofl:



Or even Bolton - not sure how Bury’s situation is any worse than theirs?

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About time the league actually cracked down on ■■■■ clubs instead of throwing them bones all the time. Cheats.



Bolton will be in league 2 soon enough.

Last time they came down they ignored their problems. Kept someone lik Wheater who’d be on massive wages and halfway through that year they added Le Fondre who’d be on decent money.

Now they have come down with a shell of a squad and will hardly have players queueing up to sign with their current circumstances.



‘We can offer you £10,000 a week but we’ll only pay you one week in four…’

That’ll go down well.

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I can’t believe we lost 5-2 to em :tired_face:



Thought it was 5-2

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Was it? still a ■■■■ result :wink: but thanks for not quoting it making me look like a ■■■■ :rofl:

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One of the worst results of the season imo.

Considering the form was still o.k over xmas (good draws at Peterborough and Luton that should’ve been wins) I think that started the downward trend in performances aswell.



I remember leading up to the game, the guy who’s apartment we rent off in Tenerife was a bit worried that they were going to be turned over by a “little team from the 1st division” :roll_eyes:



Some of the worst defending I’ve ever seen on a professional football pitch at Bolton.




As a further consequence. Would Notts County’s longstanding football league status be reprieved?



The EFL and the FA need to have a long, hard look at themselves.

You could see the Bury and Bolton situations coming a mile off. The opening day game of the season before last you looked at Bury’s roster on the back of the programme and knew that it was completely unsustainable. I thought we’d lose by far more than the single goal we did such was the apparent disparity in the quality of squads.

Coventry were allowed to break the EFL’s own rules by moving to Northampton. That they can break them again so quickly suggests a distinct lack of spine at the EFL. Remember this rule was brought in to prevent clubs being uprooted from their communities a la Franchise FC of Milton Keynes. If they aren’t going to enforce it they may as well rub it out.

It’s a mess.



It’s infuriating, every fan should complain to the EFL, if enough people show how they feel they might take notice?



The EFL and FA have needed that self-reflection for decades now.

Fat chance.

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