League 2 away trips


Good post Swifty and valid points from both you and Geordie.



A completely empty experience for me as a Walsall supporter. Enjoyed the night before 10 times more. Pedalled by the media as the day we had all waited for - the pinnacle of being a tiny little Walsall fan - just shows how out of touch the modern game is with the grassroots football fan. The biggest anti climax in 30 years of support - if it wasn’t for the memory reminder on Facebook with a couple of pics I would never even think of it. If we had won 5-0 it wouldn’t have made any difference.

Loving some of the posts on here - makes you think about where the game will be in 10 years.



Bang on.



I’m hoping Newport goo up. It was one of my easiest away-days in the past - third only to Swansea (an away-home day for me :grin:) and Cardiff. Obviously, best away day of all was The Millennium Stadium in whatever year it was we beat Reading :smiley:)



So why do you hope they go up Bob. Have you forgotten that we have gone down :rofl::rofl:

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Are they really all wasters, though? I only saw 3 games last season and one of those was the Barnsley game which we should have won but for the referee and atrocious finishing. We also deserved the win in the Bristol Rovers away game. The team could play - sometimes; why the terrible inconsistency?
PS An informant suggests to me that we would have been top half or playoffs if we wuz on TV every week :thinking:. Any truth in that, do you think?



Ooops! Knickers in a twist. I meant “come on Mansfield!” of course.Down to tiredness.
I’ve just come back from Peru. Fantastic trip, but a bloody long, tiring journey (13 hours on the 'plane then 6.5 hours on the bloody coach to get back to Swansea). :weary:



You’ll be pleased to know we ay left while you were away :smile::smile:



I yam. Got to work out where we can get to next season. Newport would be nice. Dream scenario next season: Swansea and Cardiff to be relegated, Walsall and Newport promoted! :rofl:
It could happen. I’ve put £1 on it at 10,000,000 to 1 with Crufts :upside_down_face:



Ar, but was it you got the boner? smirk:

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No, they aren’t all wasters, but the performances against Barnsley and Peterborough prove my point: they could do it but wasted a golden chance of staying in League 1 by playing absolute gash against Rochdale, Accrington Stanley, Wycombe etc. They let us down and so they (collectively) are “wasters” in my book.



I’m afraid I want Mansfield to stay in League Two. Since Chesterfield plummeted Mansfield would be the next best fixture for me to get too. Also think DC grew up in Mansfield, supported and played for them.

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Newport win on penalties.

Field Mill on the radar…

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For me it’s “Oh, dear” :grimacing:. I am looking forward to a trip to Newport, not bloody Mansfield. Still, Tranny or Forest Eat-Your-Greens might still do the job for me*.

*Selfish barsteward: just 'cos I live in Wales :grin:



PS I watched the Mansfield game. What appalling football. If we can’t do better than that load of thugs and vandals, God help us! :roll_eyes:

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I saw honest footballers giving 100%. At one point there was 3 or 4 blocks with bodies being thrown in front of everything - if our players displayed even 50% of that heart in half of the games last season we wouldn’t be lining up in League 2 next season.

The manager has created a team as Graydon did - doesn’t need to be good technically, just effective.



Cardiff to Nottingham train then just twenty minutes up to Mansfield, easy peasy if a little pricey.

Getting to the wirral can’t be easier surely?!:wink:



C’mon, Tranmere! Make it happen! Give me my trip to Newport next season!:heart_eyes:

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