League 2 clubs dont have to test for Covid 19

Just heard them talking on talk sport about orient v spurs and they said that league 2 clubs are not obliged to test for covid . Dont think I have heard that before so spurs said they would pay and guess what Orient players have tested positive ! The Orient manager had said friday that 9 of his players were feeling ill so why did they even play . I cant see our game being on and if I were DC I wouldnt want to play them . I thought all clubs had to test because if this is the case there could be loads more cases out there.

I did ask the question as to who was paying for our tests as that was the reason matches were called off last season as it was too expensive. I wonder if we are doing them.

The government should pay to have all it’s citizens tested!!

I don’t think it’s compulsory, however from the last WPM the club did say that they are paying for them out of their own pocket.

How regularly that is, not sure.

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I bet you wish that your “President” actually believed it was an issue? :smile:

We have massive debt in this country (20 Trillion +) and Trump spends like he did when he was a crooked businessman in New York, scamming people, never paying his debts, buying businesses with worthless junk bonds and forming relationships with people who prefer to operate on the wrong side of the law.
Our President…right!!

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Hopefully he’ll be for the birds in a few weeks, although the way it is looking they might have to escort him out of The White House at gunpoint :joy:

Now THAT I would like to see… :clown_face:

I really hope he does resist a “peaceful transition of power.”
You would hear me cheering fromTexas when two huge marines frog-marched him out of the White House kicking and screaming, then dump his big fat A**on Pennsylvania Ave for the “black lives matter” movement to tear him limb from limb.
The odds of that actually happening are very low, but it has been discussed here as a possibility, he’s so unpredictable, he has been known for throwing his toys out of the pram on occasions when things are “unfairly” not going his way.
Please, please resist Mr President…In God we trust!

I thought that the PFA was responsible for the welfare of its members? It’s a cash rich organisation, with an annual income of £28M & Gordon Taylor is the highest paid trade union official in the UK (& probably the world). Surely it could pay for the Covid testing of its members?

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Gordon Taylor, another professional con artist. Sits on his backside all day long without doing one worthwhile thing for the PFA members. Irregardless of how incompetent someone (for years) has proven to be, they always seem to land on their fee, don’t they?
Asking him for money would be like asking Hitler for forgiveness!

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Seems like the Stevenage Chairman thinks that the PFA should be helping too:

Would it be a good idea if someone who had the know how started one of those on line petitions. It could call on the premier league and the upper echelons of the game to support the lower leagues and grass roots of football.