League 2 odds

Know 23/24 has just finished, but thought it would be interesting to see what 24/25 League 2 odds look like

Walsall 11th favourite….Maybe 25/26 will be our year :wink:

Will be interesting to revisit when the season starts and clubs have made their signings


Indeed. Certainly wouldn’t be dipping my toe at those prices. We are 5/1 for promotion. No tar at this stage
Much shorter odds than last season though

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11th. I know a few people on here would be chuffed with that even if we ship in 70 plus goals.

I just hope we can compete with League Two giants like Crawley, Barrow, Morecambe and those well established sides like Vale and Fleetwood. Our slick well run multi ownership model should have us light years ahead.

On wards and upwards on a well Managed incremental trajectory.

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This is one of the poorest L2s i think ive ever seen. Its a great chance to get out.

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The bookies know!

Mid table incoming

What are the relegation odds?

I’d take 11th now.

Think we will struggle to compete with Crawley tbh with them being a league 1 giant now :eyes: I do think it’s crazy how they can put these prices out there now though without knowing how much investment is going to be put in from each individual club, always think they just use guesswork for lower levels as there more focused on the bigger markets. Pretty sure Crawley were also favourites to go down last year with them too! Wonder how that one played out


Wonder what odds you would have got on Crawley last year? Fairly meaningless at this point in time as variables can change such as squads, managers etc.

@BornASaddler posted this clip from YouTube last year of a super computer predicting the league, they were massively out barring Wrexham and Mansfield who most would have had up there.

This was from FourFourTwo. They did slightly better but still big discrepancies.

I’m lumping on Bromley :grin::grin:

Would be very surprised if Chesterfield finish above MK Dons