League Table


Given that we won yesterday, I thought I’d have a proper look at the table this morning.

Firstly, thank heavens we won yesterday!!

Secondly, Plymouth on Tuesday is big. A draw would be nice.

Thirdly, the table is a bit odd this season. The top six will be made up of six from the current top seven. The bottom four will be made up of any of the remaining seventeen. I don’t see anybody at this stage being able to coast home from a mid-table position.

Given that tightness amongst the bottom seventeen and the fact that the bottom six are picking up wins from the most unexpected fixtures just now, I think it will take more than fifty points to stay safe. Could be as high as 55.

55 would require five wins and five draws from our remaining 18 games. Sounds quite straightforward but would represent an uptick in form from the previous 18. Let’s hope yesterday marks the beginning of that up-tick.


I agree you need 55 points to be secure. Incredible the 4th bottom team is already on 30 points.

Rochdale and Wimbledon home games coming up are massive. 4 points from those and things should be o.k.