League Two 24/25 - The Other 23

A place to discuss what’s going on with the other 23 sides in League Two this season.


How do we feel Bromley will do? Always interested in the new guys to the league ! Think they will struggle ?

Their manager said he’s gonna act like a League One manager and they’re gonna give it a good go

They’ll struggle but be hard to play against early on until teams work them out there fans have a bit of a bad rep as well.

Don’t believe any team has gone straight back down. Even the proper non league teams have competed well. I will go for a finish of 15th for them.

I fancy Bradford to finally come good this season made some decent signings.

Plenty of other sides seem to be making statement signings like Lyle Taylor, Charlie Wyke and Ben Amos.
Last season it was McGoldrick, Charlie Austin and McLean and such like. To be fair to Walsall when has one of these statement signings really paid off? Stockport had Louis Barry and that ex Man U midfielder whose name escapes me right now but not sure how fundamental they were to them get promoted.

I definitely get what the club are trying to do with getting young hungry players in rather than older players looking for a last pay day. We tried it with Russell Martin, Danny Guthrie and the ex Cardiff lad who was never fit.

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I think Colchester, Gillingham and Doncaster will be right up there this season

And Vale

Hopefully not, but you’re probably right

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Bradford 1-0 down to Chorley after 40 seconds :joy:

Gillingham, Bradford and Doncaster will be strong I think this season. MK Dons won’t be far away again either.

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I don’t agree with him at all. Doncaster struggling??? Nah, they’ll be right up there

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He has put them in the PO positions.

This sounds a bit close to home lol:

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Just been confirmed, huge loss for Notts County

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Don’t rate county’s manager at all, job is way to big for him. Think they will struggle again

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Vale definitely going for promotion another very good signing

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Vale’s owners sold their business for £180m earlier this year.
Looks like they are pumping some of that cash into Vale.