League Two next season

4 very good signings indeed… think our first signing will determine what pond we are fishing in… also surprised none of the players we have offered contracts too have signed yet

They’re alright, nothing that is that standout.

Wilson has a worse scoring ratio than Gordon, Garrity who they’ve paid money for, Oldham fans didn’t rate him, Martin has played 5 games in just under 3 years and Walker isn’t too bad.


Fair play that’s opened my eyes a little.

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Our first signing will probably be Ivan Sgraggybottom from Cleethorpes, a young, highly rated lurcher who is quick out of the blocks.


Agree with that. They have a very decent coach that will prevent Clarke from being Clarke too.

I want Shaun Sithole, just for the obvious anagram potential.


I think we’ll have similar figures to that

I do hope so. After not having one for a few years now, I’m still on the fence whether to get one.

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I’ll be getting mine on the first day!
Can’t wait to get back watching live football :soccer: :soccer: :soccer:


I’ll be getting one. I moved back to the midlands February 2020 after leaving the Royal Marines and then Plymouth with the hope of getting to games all the time. I have my daughter every alternate weekend but nevertheless just want one to put my mark on the club and enjoy some football and see so many familiar faces, even if I can’t make every game. Will be like finally coming home to me. Can’t wait. I think our figures will be just as good. Can see at least a 1,000 getting shifted in the lower alone for the early bird price alone.


No it’s not: it’s nemesis. What they did was obscene.

Agree paying players 4 and 5 grand a week at this level is crazy.

It looks like Sutton’s replacement of their 3G pitch is well underway and the need for a groundshare has receded. Unlike Harrogate last season, another new ground beckons.

Andy Cook signs permanently for Bradford and Derek Adams first signing. Like him or loathe him, he will score goals at this level.

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Agreed. Shame he is a :bell:

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Does anyone know the rules around the squad number limits being imposed this year? As in do the younger members of the squad contribute to the 20 too? Etc. If you have 5 or 6 new professionals counting towards it then the squads will be very short on options and quality…

I assume there’s some leeway for this.

Torquay 1-0 up

1-1 Rodriguez