Leahy wants a song

From his twitter account:

Luke Leahy ‏ @lukeleahy 19h19 hours ago
Great result away from home tonight. Proper team performance and onto Saturday now. Fans again non stop singing… I just need a song now :roll_eyes::joy: @WFCOfficial

Any songwriters on here?:man_singer::musical_note:

He deserves one after the start he’s had! The confidence shown in him recently is definitely helping him.

to the tune of they call him flipper (dolphin star of the 70’s)
They call him leahy leahy he’s king of the crossers
not like other tossers
he finds his man
they call him leahey leahey he’s faster than lightning
his crossing is frightning
he’s better than me.
feel free to elaborate on it :joy:


Don’t give up the day job Chunkster :rofl:

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theres only one luke leahy! one luke leahy! hes used to be shiteeeee but now hes alright, walking in a leahy wonderland

WTF is all that about mate :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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:joy: you obviously don’t remember flipper or you would be all over it :joy: and it was done about 30 seconds of it being posted :wink:

:joy:Oh i do mate , i really do , it’s just your lyric’s sorry :joy::joy:

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come on then elton have a go :rofl:

I never said i could do any better :stuck_out_tongue:, it’s just i thought your attempt was really funny , and made me laugh , I even spilt some of my Strongbow (which incidentally isn’t funny) sorry if i hurt your pride , but didn’t you say your job involved you working with gas , laughing by any chance :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


The chorus of The Beatles “Please Please Me” but with the words Please Please me replaced with Luke Leahy.

I’ll play harmonica.

‘Let it Be’ more appropriate from the fab 4 surely.


I’ll give it a go:…

Luke Leahy
Luke Leahy
Luke Leahy
Luke Leahy

Crossing balls for Cookie
Luke Leahy


We have Leahy,
We have Leahy
We have Leahy
On the left
We have Leahy
Lovely Leahy
Got Luke Leahy
He’s the best!

To the tune of Rod Stewart’s “We are sailing!”

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:joy: you didn’t mate even my wife was piddling herself. that’s loyalty for ya :joy:

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Personally i’m thinking Luke will wish he’d never suggested having a song for him if he ever get’s to see this lot :joy::joy::joy::joy:


To the tune of DJ Otzi- Hey Baby…
Hey Luke Leahy uhh ahh I wanna know will you score a goal!
Repeat til your throat needs another beer😆

You’re both on the wine again i gather :smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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(To the tune of Volare by Dean Martin)

Luke Lea-hy oooo-oh
Luke Lea-hy oooo-oh
He comes from Coventry
He plays for Walsall FC
Luke Lea-hy oooo-oh…


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