Learning from other clubs


Our ground has nothing around it except a Mcdonalds which is more reason for the match day experience at the ground to be pleasurable

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As has been said by numerous replies already, the club thinks doing the bare minimum is enough and we should be grateful. In some areas they can’t even be arsed to do the bare minimum. :roll_eyes:

Needs a complete shakeup and some new ideas. I doubt we’ll get that from Mole & Gamble. They’re sat up in the executive boxes so haven’t got a clue what the average fan wants!

This is where the fans groups should be suggesting things and pushing for them.



Would love the club to spend 200k and get rid of those stanchions. Marston in his Vital Walsall article has highlighted these damned things as one of the worst mistakes the club has ever made. Couldn’t agree more. I wonder how many fans as they enter their clubs brand new ground for the very first time think ‘God this is xhit’?



I would love the club to knock the ground down and build a new up to date state of the art stadium with safe standing and corners filled in , and us owning it as a club and , and ,and oh how I love to dream :roll_eyes:

I know you’ve got a good man in to manage the team Jeff, and will probably give a little extra to spend , and bring in a couple of …didn’t think we’d be able to get him …signings , but really that will only be to give yourself another breather from the angry mob that want you to ■■■■ off.

But really we as supporters want you to put the club up for sale so someone with a slight interest in what happens on the pitch rather than off it , can come in and do so much more for the supporters of this club , our club .



Great post R&W but we can dream. I’m 40 now and hope this dream comes true some time during my lifetime. But expect once our number one fan leaves this earth we will be handed over to the Bonser minions with a pension fund Included.



Learning and development are byproducts of being willing and able to accept that something can be improved and bettered - here lies the key issue…

For years Jeff has lolled around under the protection of us being tagged as a ‘model’ small club, being well run (financially) and a lesson to others at our level etc etc etc - problem is that may have had some limited reality 25 years ago but has not been so for a long time since…

Football, sport and you could even argue, social mobility and awarenesss has all moved on so much further, that as a club, we are now archaic in our thinking from the top and completely out of touch with both reality (in running a modern football club terms) and fan expectation.

Jeff isn’t capable of learning and developing because his interest isn’t the well-being of WFC for the sake of the football club or the fans it serves - it’s purely a financial vehicle for personal gain so we can stop drawing any possible comparisons with other clubs and owners because the vast majority of them live and exist in a different world to Uncle Jeff…

We see clubs throughout the leagues with decisive, ambitious and caring owners that share desires of fans for success and development and of course there will be times where this fails and costs can be high but fans naturally embrace this burning desire for success and get behind the club - as we know, fans rarely change clubs so the owners are maybe at times operating a risky strategy but the clubs fan base will remain, in one shape or another, so arguably, something positive is achieved…

We, on the other hand are quite the opposite with out dated, crap facilities staffed by largely demotivated personnel, non-existent board/fan communication at a practical level and self centrered and insulated thinking from the executives…

It’ll take a monumental shift in thinking from Jeff and his colleagues to accept there’s scope for learning and developing so I feel fairly sure this won’t happen any time soon



Interested to see how competitive we are with the playing budget this year.

I find it hard to believe that Clarke has taken the job knowing his hands would be tired… I wonder what promises have been made.

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Last season there was additional revenue from the cup games which hopefully wasn’t all squandered in the January window.



Agree, I am expecting us to be competitive.



If he’s been negotiating with Uncle Jeff his hands will be tired…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I hear the use of his villa in Cyprus is what sealed the deal.



It’s pretty obvious to me that Clarke will have seen the budget, which wouldn’t have been all that different to what he had at B Rovers when they entered this division, and decided he can repeat the trick with a middle of the road budget.

I hope he’s right. I fear he isn’t.