Lee Tomlin retires due to injury

Lee Tomlin calls it a day. See BBC report. Lee Tomlin: Doncaster Rovers and former Peterborough forward retires due to injury - BBC Sport

Robbed a few clubs on his way out , but fair play to him.

I thought he retired when he signed for us.

Maybe he was just on a wind down? (or a wind up!)

Probably let himself get all fat and out of shape now I’d imagine. Won’t have to keep such high levels of fitness he had as a professional sportsman.

Good luck to him at McDonalds, should be a good move for him.

I wish him good luck for the future, Obviously someone who is struggling a fair bit mentally. It must be hard to realise you’ve reached the end of your playing career. He wanted to continue but he clearly wasn’t able to offer the necessary commitment to train hard and sustain that. If you read reports of his earlier career, maybe he was never able to do that and, in the end, it has caught up. I don’t suppose he will find the transition out of football easy and I wish him success. He was a waste of money for us and for Doncaster but, for that, you have to look at the managers who employed him.